Mr. Salt-E Grappleberry 30mL


An unusual medley of fruity flavors from Mr. Salt E that contains green apples, grapes, and a sprinkling of strawberries to make your vaping experience delightful.


The Grapple is a new hybrid in the world of fruits that is a queer combination of sweet-sour green apples covered with a concentrate of luscious grapes. Add the chopped apples to a bowl and top them with sliced red strawberries bursting with the goodness of summer. These are the flavors that hit you when you take a whiff with the Mr. Salt E Grappleberry e-liquid. Sense the smoothness of the vapors that soothe your mouth, nose, and throat in place of a grating sensation that comes with smoking conventional cigarettes. If you’ve been looking for an alternative for smoking, this smooth flavor could you be your best excuse.

But, what sets Mr. Salt E apart from other brands of e-juices? For one, this brand contains nic salts, a kind of nicotine that is extracted from the leaves of the tobacco plant using a special process. The ions in the nic salts don’t affect your body’s receptors like the nicotine in other e-liquids making them a safer option. While salts do take longer to give you a high, you won’t have to worry about the damage caused by the over 7,000 toxins contained in cancer sticks.

In case you’re wondering, the Mr. Salt E range of e-juices are suitable for even the heavy smokers thanks to their levels of 25mg and 45mg of nicotine. You’ll need to take only a few puffs to kill the cravings. Each bottle of the e-juice contains 30ml of liquid and comes with a dropper that you can easily use to load your vaping mods or JUULs. Quit the acrid fumes of cigarettes and instead, opt for the sweet flavors of fruits. Today!

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