Mr. Salt-E Orange Mango Guava 30mL


Lie back on the sands and enjoy a blissful, summer vacation with tastes of oranges, mangoes, and guavas tantalizing your senses hidden in this yummy flavor from Mr. Salt E.


If you love to spend time on a tropical beach with the waves tickling your toes, warm sunshine, and gentle breezes, the Mr. Salt E Orange Mango Guava is the perfect e-juice for you. Each puff from your vaping mod will treat you to sunny, golden mangoes from the orchards of the Caribbean, chilled orange juice from the fertile farms of Florida, and pink guavas from the rich fields of Columbia. The first draw from your vaping device like the JUUL is a feast of ripe mangoes while the middle notes remind you of slurping oranges and sweet juices running down your throat. As you exhale, you’ll sense the soft, pulpy taste of guavas.

To answer the next question in your mind – Yes! It does soothe your cravings for nicotine. That’s because Mr. Salt E is a blend of pure nic salts extracted from the leaves of the tobacco plant. The manufacturers use a special process that maintains the strength of the drug to levels of 25mg and 45 mg. These levels are best suited for heavy smokers who go through more than a pack a day. At the same time, the ions hit your body tissues more gently making this form of nicotine much safer than conventional cigarettes.

Are you concerned about being able to kick the smoking habit? Rest assured that the e-salts contain Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol in the ratio of 60/40 that provide you with thick vapors mimicking smoking. At the same time, the vapor is less harsh on your throat making vaping a more pleasurable activity.

Choose the Mr. Salt E Orange Mango Guava flavor and ease out the levels of nicotine until you’re completely free of the addiction. Get started! Today!

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