Savage Salt – C Underwood 30mL


Pop super sweet red watermelon candy with a special zing that makes your vaping experience all the more enjoyable – a unique offering from Savage Salts.


With every inhaled whiff of the Savage Salts C Underwood flavor, you’ll feel like you’re sucking on hard watermelon candy that is sweet but with a tangy zing. Puff on your vaping mod with this flavor at any time of the day whenever you feel like a tasty treat and need a break from your tedious work day. Heavy smokers who are used to going through more than a pack of cigarettes a day will appreciate this Savage Salts range that gives them more than just a gentle kick. The high nicotine levels of 35mg and 50mg are their perfect substitute that satisfies cravings with only a few puffs.

If you’re rightly concerned about the damage smoking does to your body, switching to vaping is a safer alternative. This range of Savage Salts contains nic salts, a form of e-liquid that has nicotine ions in salt form. The ions hit your body cells slowly causing less harm than conventional smoking. Load up your refillable pods with the Savage e-liquids, attach to the vaping mod, and draw on it to activate.

Are you concerned about the harsh throat hit from regular cigarettes? The Savage Salts e-juices contain Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol in a ratio of 70:30 which give you rich vapors similar to smoking but none of the rough feel. Your vaping experience will be smooth and completely enjoyable. Looking for the perfect excuse to give up your smoking habit? This could be the best time now that you’ve discovered a better substitute. Do remember to lower the nicotine percentages as your body adapts. Soon, you’ll bring the levels down to 0% without noticing. Happy Not Smoking!

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