Solace Salts – Dragonthol 30mL


An interestingly unique flavor from Solace Salts that combines the sweetness of the dragon fruit with hints of mint in perfectly balanced proportions.


The Solace Salts Dragonthol treats your senses to the succulent taste of the dragon fruit with just the right amount of menthol hints. Fill your mouth with sweetness while at the same time getting an icy blast that is totally unique. If you love menthol cigarettes, the Dragonthol could well be your next choice. Add these nic salts to non-sub-ohm tanks and low power devices like the JUUL mods and vape away. The Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratios are 50/50 giving you delicious clouds of vapor along with a smoothness that is easy on the throat.

This flavor from Solace Salts is available in bottles of 15ml and 30ml and has a high nicotine content of 30mg making it suitable for smokers who typically go through 20 or more cigarettes. if you’ve been looking for the ideal replacement for your nicotine addiction, you can’t go wrong with this brand. Developed especially for mouth to lung mods, the delicious flavors are a welcome change from the burning stench of tobacco that comes with conventional smoking.

An additional advantage is that Solace Salts contain nicotine in a salt form which is different from other e-liquids and e-juices. That’s because the nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves using a special process that maintains the integrity of the ions. As a result, they are assimilated much slower by your body’s receptors. Just a few puffs from the nic salts are enough to satisfy your cravings making the e-liquid last much longer and allowing you to get by with less nicotine. As you continue to vape, opt for lower levels of nicotine until you kick the habit completely. Try a whiff, today!

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