Solace Salts – Mint 30mL


Indulge in this rich taste from Solace Salts, a clean, minty flavor that refreshes you in any season and gives your breath a clean fragrance.


Whatever may be the season when you need a break from a hectic day, take a few puffs of the Solace Salts Mint flavor and awaken your senses with the crispy, minty fragrance. Take a whiff in January and enjoy the chilling jolt that hits your nose and mouth. But in summer, the cold blast is just what you need on a hot, sweltering day to feel your spirits lifting. Imagine sipping on a tall glass of iced soda with a sprinkling of heavenly mint leaves – that’s the taste you get from this awesome Mint e-juice.

The Solace Salts collection is designed to be used with mouth to lung and pod-based devices. Load the e-juice into the pod, snap it into the vaping mod, and take a draw to activate. Feel the smooth vapors going down your throat with none of the harshness that comes from other e-liquids. Solace contains an even 50-50 ratio of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol to give you rich vapors that mimic the physical and psychological sensations of actual smoking.

In case you’re wondering, Solace Salts can definitely help you with your nicotine cravings and kick the smoking habit. The e-juice contains about 50mg of nicotine in a 30ml bottle that is just right for heavy smokers. And, because the nicotine is in salt form, you’ll satisfy your cravings with just a few puffs making the bottle last you a good long while. Not only is vaping with this e-liquid cheaper as compared to conventional cigarettes, but you’ll also avoid inhaling more than 7,000 toxic chemicals that cause damage to your body.

Need any more reasons to quit smoking? We didn’t think so!

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