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Solace Salts – Strawberry Hard Candy 30mL


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A strawberry and candy flavor from Solace Salts that treats your tongue to the sweetness of hard candy with ripe berries vying for attention.


Solace Salts presents the Strawberry Hard Candy flavor that takes you back to the time of your childhood when you spent many summer afternoons sucking on jaw-breaking hard candy tasting of delicious berries. Dream of biting into field-fresh strawberries that are bursting with the goodness of sunshine and warmth. Add it to your low-power vaping, high resistance devices or JUULs and puff away to satisfy your cravings for nicotine.

If you’ve been thinking of quitting smoking and making the transition to a safer activity, vaping with the Solace Salts range of e-liquids could be a great choice. The high 35mg to 50mg of nicotine in these e-juices is ideal for heavy smokers who need at least 20 cigarettes a day. But, at the same time, they contain nic salts which are a safer form of nicotine. When you inhale the salts, they’ll affect your body’s receptors more slowly which is why you can get by with a lower amount of e-juice. For this reason, vaping with nic salts is more economical – on your pocket and your health.

Each bottle of the e-juice contains about 30ml of e-liquid and comes with an easy dropper to load your pods. Further, the equal proportions of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol release rich clouds of vapor to give you the psychological and physical satisfaction of smoking. However, you’ll avoid the 7,000 toxic chemicals that harm your body when you smoke conventional cigarettes. Switch to vaping with gradually lowered levels of nicotine and adapt your systems to functioning without the drug. Eventually, you’ll continue to vape with 0% nicotine without knowing the difference. Congratulations! You just moved on to a healthier lifestyle.

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