Spaceman Nebula 25K Plus Disposable 5%


The Spaceman Nebula 25K Plus vape offers 15 flavors and a 1000mAh USB-C rechargeable battery, providing approximately 25,000 puffs. Try it today for a customizable vaping experience.

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The new Spaceman Vape, Nebula 25K Plus, is now available at Blackout Vapors.

Spaceman Nebula 25K Plus Specs

  • Flavors: 15
  • Pre-filled e-liquid: Contains 18mL of e-liquid, offering a long-lasting vape session.
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg) nicotine, providing a satisfying and consistent hit.
  • Battery: Features a 1000mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, ensuring reliable power.
  • Puff Count: Delivers approximately 25,000 puffs, making it ideal for extended use.
  • Output Modes: Includes three output modes for varied vaping experiences:
  • BOOST Mode: 25W for a powerful hit.

  • NORM Mode: 18W for balanced vaping.

  • SOFT Mode: 14W for a smoother experience.

  • Display: 1.44-inch SMART Screen displays vaping stats and animations, including vaping, charging, and screensaver animations.
  • Coil: Equipped with X2 Dual Meshed Coil for enhanced flavor and dense vapor production.
  • Airflow: Adjustable airflow to suit individual vaping preferences.


  • Apple Mango Melon: A mix of crisp apple, tropical mango, and sweet melon. It is refreshing and perfect for those who enjoy fruity tastes.
  • Black Peach Lemon: A blend of blackcurrant, ripe peach, and tart lemon. Ideal for those who like a balance of sweet and sour flavors.
  • Blue Peach Mango: This flavor combines blueberries, peaches, and mango for a juicy taste. It’s great for those who love a fruity and sweet vape.
  • Blue Razz Tang: A vibrant blue raspberry flavor with a tangy twist. Perfect for those who enjoy sharp and fruity tastes.
  • Blueberry Watermelon: A sweet and refreshing mix of blueberries and watermelon. It is ideal for a light and hydrating vape experience.
  • Cherry Fizz: It tastes like fizzy cherry soda. It’s fun and bubbly, perfect for those who enjoy soda-flavored vapes.
  • Dragon Blue Razz: An exotic mix of dragon fruit and blue raspberry. Great for those looking for unique and bold flavors.
  • Gummy Peach: A sweet and chewy flavor that mimics peach gummies. Perfect for candy lovers looking for a sweet treat.
  • Prism Mint: A multi-dimensional mint flavor that’s cool and refreshing. It is ideal for mint lovers who appreciate a deep, cooling sensation.
  • Sour Apple Ice: A tart green apple flavor with a fantastic menthol finish. Excellent for those who like their fruit flavors with a refreshing, icy touch.
  • Sour Grape BG: A blend of tangy and sweet sour grapes. Great for those who enjoy a sharp grape flavor with a sweet finish.
  • Sour Watermelon Patch: Tastes like sour watermelon candy. It’s a perfect choice for a candy lover.
  • Straw Razz Cherry: A delightful mix of strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. Ideal for those who love berry blends.
  • Triple Raspberry: Combines three kinds of raspberry flavors to enhance the berry’s natural sweetness and tartness—a berry lover’s dream.
  • Watermelon Dragon: A tropical blend of watermelon and dragon fruit. Sweet and exotic, perfect for those seeking a refreshing tropical flavor.

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Apple Mango Melon, Black Peach Lemon, Blue Peach Mango, Blue Razz Tang, Blueberry Watermelon, Cherry Fizz, Dragon Blue Razz, Gummy Peach, Prism Mint, Sour Apple Ice, Sour Grape BG, Sour Watermelon Patch, Straw Razz Cherry, Triple Raspberry, Watermelon Dragon

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  1. jessiepaige21 (verified owner)

    The watermelon dragon is fabulous. Spaceman is my favorite brand and I highly recommended this vape. Holds a good charge, flavors are strong, even when almost dead. Hold a good charge for a few days depending on how much to vape

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