Vaperz Cloud Osiris RTA


The Vaperz Cloud Osiris RTA is a 30mm tank perfect for everyday vaping. It has big holes for easy coil setup and works well with different liquids and power settings. The tank’s design gives great flavor and vapor, and its 36.75mm height with smooth airflow makes it a top pick for vapers who like big, powerful tanks.

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The Vaperz Cloud Osiris RTA is a 30mm dual coil tank, perfect for high wattage vaping with its four 2.5mm x 2.0mm post holes and individual wick ports. It features an innovative “Full Flow” juice flow control system that allows for customization and secure locking, ideal for adjusting to different e-liquids and wattages. The RTA’s unique bottom-shoot airflow system delivers excellent flavor and vapor production. With a 36.75mm height, dual coil build, combined with a 22-hole slotted diffused airflow intake for smooth draws, the Osiris RTA is a top choice for most vapers.

Vaperz Cloud Osiris RTA Specs

Diameter: 30mm.

Height: 36.75mm.

Top Cap: Quick Release, Quarter Turn.

Build Deck: Post-less, Dual Coil with 2.5mm x 2.0mm post holes.

Wicking: Four individual wick ports.

Airflow: Bottom-Shoot System.

Juice Control: “Full Flow” Latch System for adjustable flow.

Airflow Intake: 22-Hole Slotted Diffused.

Usage: Suitable for high wattage vaping and versatile flavor production.

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Vaperz Cloud


Blue, Gold, Matte Black, Brushed Stainless Steel


3.5mL, 4.5mL




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