WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical
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Charlie wanted a flavor that he could vape all day with, and that’s exactly what he got. Charlie’s Chalk Dust will send you through the roof with its wonderful full flavors. If you’re looking for a vaping experience that will never get old, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the right e-Liquid for you. Browse and select from the many awesome flavors we have, and be sure to check out the other brands we carry along the way!

Charlie’s range is available in two different lines, including the White Label which includes time-worn and all-time favorites. The Black Label is also well-loved by cloud chasers who indulge in vaping, just for the fun of the activity.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust assures customers of high-grade quality in every one of their products. Each flavor is designed and developed using intricate processes to maximize your enjoyment. Our chemists create fusions of fragrances that blend smoothly and elegantly with one another. Each vape juice flavor delights your senses with opening notes, closing notes, and a celebration of tastes in between. You’ll sense the scents rolling around on your tongue and sliding into your throat just like the creamy perfection of a dessert.

Aside from the amazing tastes of Charlie’s chalk dust flavors which you can read more about here, you’ll want to opt for the brand since it is safer than most similar products. Charlie’s is the first collection of e-liquids that don’t contain diacetyl. Although research has proved conclusively that you can safely ingest diacetyl as a food additive, Charlie’s has opted to eliminate the compound from its e-juices entirely.

Charlies chalk dust e-liquids contain five main components, four of which are Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol, water, and food-grade flavoring. The tastes of fruits, desserts, tobacco, and various other foods are artificial compounds that mimic natural flavors. The final component is nicotine and the exact content is clearly specified on the label of each e-liquid. Go ahead and choose the levels you would like to enjoy. And, if you would prefer to simply experience the sensations of rich, smooth clouds, go with e-liquids that have 0% nicotine.

Charlie’s range first debuted in the year, 2015 and is the brainchild of the son of a Southern Californian baker who created the most sinful of desserts ever made. Charlie created history the day he picked up an ancient bell that his father had placed in front of a chalkboard where he wrote his incredible recipes. Charlie cleaned off the “chalk dust” accumulated on the bell and started ringing it as loud as he could. That was the day when the brand was born and, years down the line, it is still making waves.

Blackout Vapors brings you all these traditional flavors along with the latest creations from Charlie’s labs – all tried and carefully tested to assure you of quality, taste, and the most awesome vaping experience ever. Ready to check out the amazing selection? Click on the flavor that you find most interesting and let’s get started.

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