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Newer-to-the-scene vape company Dinner Lady Vape is disrupting the market with their line of products. That’s why they’ve been seen in places like HuffPost and The One Show on the BBC. They craft high-quality flavors for every taste, whether you crave menthol, dessert, fruit or sweets, chances are there’s a Dinner Lady ejuice that’s sure to please.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Dinner lady burst on the scene with a Lemon Tart ejuice and the popularity of that flavor proved they had what it took to design exactly what vapors want. In just a few years they have captured a lion’s share of the market by keeping the vape community on its toes and developing flavors in several categories. 

Dinner Lady ejuice comes in traditional flavors like menthol and tobacco. They provide several of each of these categories with subtle flavor nuances especially popular with those who’ve come to the brand when nixing a cigarette habit. For those who like more flavor in their pens, they also offer rich flavor experiences inspired by desserts and even drinks.

It’s Not Just Flavors

Dinner Lady Vape is a brand that recognizes it’s not just about flavors but that a vape company needs to meet other needs. Their flavors come as salt nic, too. Many vapors find these to be less harsh. 

Whether you’re looking for a Dinner Lady Salt Nic, traditional juice and want it with an icy tinge, delicious flavor or more traditional feel they’ve got the juice or disposable you seek.

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