WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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What are you looking for from your vaping experience? Style? Discretion? Convenience on the go? You can get all that and more from the best collection of disposable vapes. Recently released in Buffalo, NY, these devices offer total fuss-free vaping without the botheration of recharging or switching pods around.  Hydes are totally easy to use and are perfect for users who are looking for just that – the Ultimate Vaping Experience and nothing more. With Hyde Vape, you won’t have to worry about losing the charger, or refilling and replacing pods. Or, even building coils and carrying all that paraphernalia around. All you need to do is select the flavor of your choice, slip off the cover of the mouthpiece, take a draw, and puff away. Don’t worry about looking for the trigger button.

Don’t let the sleek design and smooth lines fool you, though. And if you’d like to learn more about the comparison between Hydes and closed pod systems click here

The company prides itself on leading the way in max juice capacity, and battery life. You can choose from an exciting selection of flavors, each delivering an explosion of taste and sensations that remain with you all through the day. When it comes to aesthetics, you’ll love to flaunt the sleekly designed device that is available in a spectrum of colors and patterns to choose from.

Just the size of a USB drive, this little gadget is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. When you’re done, slip the Disposable Hyde Pen back into the back pocket of your jeans or into your purse. That’s where it will sit – out of sight – until you’re ready for your next fix and you reach for it again.

This Vape company guarantees that you will love every one of its magical offerings that range from tangy to sweet with a tantalizing bouquet of scents blending effortlessly to leave you craving for more. The grand finale is just perfect – smooth, delicious, and irresistible, egging you to try the next one. Since all of their products are in nic salt form, you can expect to satisfy your cravings with just a few puffs. And, that means a single Hyde disposable vape pen will last you way longer than other similar products in the market.

Hydes are easy on the pocket and their affordability and ease of convenience will make you wonder why you ever tried another brand. When the flavor starts to run low or you aren’t getting adequate clouds, know that it’s time to buy your next Hyde Vape pen. How about trying a whole different flavor this time?

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Is Hyde Vape a cigarette?

Hyde is one of the disposable e-cigarette brands. Hyde disposable vape pens have the most flavors and they are usually filled with nicotine salt E-liquid.

What kind of Vape is Hyde?

The Hyde Vape is a disposable pen. The Hyde disposables have many models all consisting of nicotine salt e-liquid with 50 milligrams of salt nicotine an addictive chemical, with some models with up to 6000 puffs.

How do you smoke Hydes?

Place your lips on the Hyde Vape's mouthpiece; a sensor in the mouthpiece activates the Hyde Vape. Allow your Hyde Vapes core to warm up for about 2-3 minutes before drawing the vapor deeply yet softly for a second or two.  It’s that easy.

How long to charge Hyde Vape?

It takes about 30 minutes to an hour for a Hyde to charge. A disposable vape pen is only as good as the battery charge and amount of e-juice it contains.

How to refill a Hyde Vape?

It has a sleek cylindrical form and does not require any maintenance or refilling. When your Hydes juice and/or battery run out, just replace it or recharge it using the Micro USB port.

Are all Hydes 5%?

Nicotine is included with Hyde Vape. Many of them contain 5% nicotine salt, some models come in a 2.5% version.

How do you know when a Hyde Vape is empty?

If your Hyde disposable vapor tastes burned, then the Vape is empty. Also, if the Vape has been working for some time and the battery in your Hyde disposable gets hot but produces no vapor.

Is Hyde Vape reusable?

No, Despite the fact that they are single-use disposables, the vapes are engineered to hold more juice. They also include a larger battery to ensure that your Hyde disposable lasts longer.

What is Hyde Vape?

Hyde Vapes are adult-only handheld electronic devices that emit inhalable cloud-like vapor, with nicotine and varied flavors. A Hyde vape comes in many flavor options; a nicotine liquid known as vape juice (e-juice).

How to charge a Hyde Vape

Your Hyde Vape can be charged by connecting a USB cable to the USB port. You will know when your device is nearing its end when the clouds are not dense enough or the flavors don’t seem as potent as before.

Where to buy Hyde Vape?

At Blackout Vapors, we offer our customers of legal smoking age Hyde disposable Vapes.

How much is a Hyde Vape?

At Blackout Vapors, we offer our customers of legal smoking age Hyde disposable Vapes at a mouthwatering price, between the range of $8 - $17. In line with age verification of course

How long does a Hyde vape last?

There are numerous factors that affect how long the Hyde Vape lasts. It is determined by the overall habits of the vaper. You will use up more e-juice faster if you take deeper draws that last 3-6 seconds, but it will last longer if you do shorter inhales.

Why does my Hyde taste burnt?

If your Hyde vape tastes burned, then the Vape is empty. Also, if the Vape has been working for some time and the battery in your Hyde disposable gets hot but produces no vapor.

Hyde rechargeable vape how to recharge?

Plug in a micro USB charger to the port on your device and wait for it to charge. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to fully charge.