Juul USB Charger


A sleek gadget with smart compact lines which is easy to carry around. Juice up your JUUL with the JUUL charger and continue to enjoy the vaping experience.

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The JUUL USB charger is a neat device that is discreet and juices up your JUUL to full power within 45 to 60 minutes. Smokers going through a pack a day can switch to the JUUL which comes with a magnetic battery capable of holding power for a full day. Simply plug in the USB into any port such as your laptop, MAC, or PC, place the JULL on the magnetic dock for the prongs to instantly start to charge. Go ahead and pick up a couple of these trendy chargers for use at home and work or when you’re traveling by car and you’ll never have to worry about a running out of power again.

The ingenious design of the JUUL charger is easy to maintain. Use a needle to scrape off any dirt and debris every once in a while, just to make sure that the prongs connect with the power point at the bottom of the JUUL and you’re sorted. The charger also comes with a cap that covers the USB keeping it protected and maintains complete discretion.

If there’s anything a vaper dreads, it is seeing the red light go off on the JUUL indicating that the power is down. But, thanks to the USB charger, you can plug it in anywhere and within about 10 minutes, you’ll have enough power to get the device working again. With this tiny dock, you won’t have to deal with untangling wires and carrying them around. Though, if you prefer using cables, JUUL has that option for you also. Vaping has never been more convenient. Charge the device, snap on your favorite JUUL pod flavor for the day and puff away!


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