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Does Vaping Cause Acne

Does Vaping Cause Acne?

Even as you’ve been following the ongoing debate of whether smoking or vaping is the safer habit, you probably haven’t given much thought to acne. Most users may not be concerned about the effects on their bodies, but they are most certainly concerned about getting acne and the effects on their looks. To answer your question, does vaping cause acne–the short answer is – it’s hard to say! Every person’s body is unique, and you can’t know for sure if the breakouts are related to your habit.

But, Nicotine Does Affect Your Skin

Given a choice between smoking and vaping, the fact remains that cigarettes contain more than 7,000 proven toxins that can have damaging effects on all your organs. And that includes the largest organ of your body, your skin. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and slows blood circulation, which is why your body cells may not get nutrients and oxygen essential for replacement and repair. That’s the reason why smokers typically have pale, sallow skin and tend to develop signs of aging sooner. The constant inhaling action exerting pressure on the muscles of the lips leads to vertical lines around the mouth. Discolored and darkened lips, pigmentation, patchy skin, and sunspots are other issues to be aware of.

Vaping Could Trigger Skin Issues

Coming back to your question, does vaping cause acne, know that vapes don’t directly trigger breakouts. E-liquids contain Propylene Glycerol (PG), which has a dehydrating effect on your skin since it draws moisture. Excessive vaping can make your skin look flaky, which is why you’ll keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of fluids and applying a good moisturizer. Even if you’ve only switched to vaping to try to quit your smoking habit, taking care will help you avoid added issues like wrinkles, dark circles, and irritation.

Some of the chemicals found in e-cigs can break down collagen and elastin in the skin. These substances keep your skin plumped up and looking young with a soft texture. Without it, the skin takes on a thinner, saggy appearance and is more prone to signs of aging. For this reason, vapers may start to look tired and older than they are. Skin sensitivity is another issue to prepare for since you don’t know how your skin will react to the vape clouds coming into contact with it.

Dry Skin Stimulates Excess Sebum

Your body reacts to dry skin with the production of excess sebum. This sebum can clog your pores and attract and hold bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, and stagnant hair follicles. Typically, your skin should be able to get rid of the debris naturally. But, the slower blood circulation caused by nicotine hampers the process. As a result, some people do tend to experience more breakouts because of their vaping habit. But, if you ask the question, does vaping cause acne, know that it might indirectly cause skin issues.

Further, since nicotine hampers blood flow and wound healing, existing acne takes longer to heal. Scarring and pits from constant breakouts may also take more time to fill in. If you’ve been wondering does vaping cause acne, the answer is not directly. But, the habit can make an existing condition get worse. When looking for e-liquids, you may want to avoid products containing diacetyl. This compound is known to raise oxidative stress on the body where it loses its antioxidants, leading to skin problems.

Take the Necessary Steps to Care for Your Skin

You can get around the skin issues by washing and toning your skin. Exfoliate regularly to get rid of the buildup of dirt and excess oils in your skin. Keep your skin protected with good sunscreen with an adequate SPF or sun protection formula when you step outdoors. Make sure you get enough sleep, and most importantly, choose vape brands like Charlie’s Chalk Dust that are made with certified food-grade ingredients and less likely to cause harm.

Vaping Does Not Cause Acne – Other Factors Do

Although vaping does not directly cause acne, other factors can result in a higher chance of getting pimples. That’s because, vapers tend to touch their face and lips more often because of the condensation from the vapors that settles on the skin. As a result, they unwittingly transfer bacteria from their hands onto the facial skin, particularly on the chin. If you notice acne on your chin and mouth, it’s time to practice better hygiene and disinfect the vape. Washing your hands more often is also recommended.

Sharing vape pens with friends can lead to contamination. For this reason, passing vapes around is never a good idea. Get your own vape and if you absolutely must share, remember to change the mouthpiece before taking a hit to prevent the risk of infections. This precaution is all the more critical given the current COVID-19 situation. So, if you’ve been wondering does vaping cause acne, the answer is–not really!

The Takeaway

The bottom line is that there’s no way to know for sure if smoking or vaping causes acne. Some users have talked about noticing more breakouts after quitting smoking and switching to vaping and vice versa. Others wonder if vaping is making them feel more tired than usual. But, given the hazardous effects of smoking on your overall health and wellness, using vapes as a nicotine replacement option for a short while could just be the right way to go. Remember not to replace one addiction with another and gradually switch to zero-percent nicotine until you quit altogether.

At Blackout Vapors, We Believe in Responsible Vaping!

Whatever may be the habit you indulge in, whether smoking or vaping, it’s critical to be responsible. Find out everything you can about how a particular product will affect your body. At Blackout Vapors, we believe in providing our readers detailed and well-researched information so they can make the right lifestyle choices. If you have any more questions, do feel free to reach out. Contact us by clicking here and filling out the form you see. You can also post questions using the chatbot. We will do our best to respond.


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