WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical
Yogi eLiquid manufactures premium E-Juice focused on providing customers with new, delicious experiences that will make even the pickiest palate of the community go “WOW!”. Yogi E-Liquid makes one-of-a-kind E-Juices by using only high-quality ingredients, masterfully blended towards perfection through complex and innovative research and development techniques. Try Yogi E-Liquid today, and you won’t be disappointed!

Yogi Vape Juice Flavors

Yogi vape juice comes in eight incredible granola-centric ejuice flavors, which one will you try first?

Original Granola Bar: At the core of all Yogi flavors is this granola bar, breakfast treat. A nice blend of sweet and savory with delicious, soothing honey on the exhale and finish that will give you exactly what you crave, any time you’re craving it. Comes in 3 nicotine strengths (0, 3 and 6 mg)

Apple Cinnamon Granola: The reviews are in and people love this delicious blend of honey, oats, apple and cinnamon. Even those who love eating granola love this juice, because Yogi does it right! They have balanced the flavors and textures of fruit, spice, honey and oats to blend delectably and give you that delicious, satisfying experience. Comes in 3 nicotine strengths (0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg).

Blueberry Granola: Oats and honey with a burst of juicy, fresh blueberries perfect for the vapor who loves breakfast-themed juices with a dash of fruit flavor. The honey and blueberries meld for a rich experience without any cloying sweetness. Comes in 2 nicotine strengths (0 and 6 mg).

Lemon Granola: Here’s a granola bar no one’s made yet: lemon! Tart, fresh citrus brightens your palate and makes the oats and honey at the core of this juice pop even more. We can’t get enough of this Yogi eliquid and for good reason. The perfect sunny morning treat or all day, every day vape.

Vanilla Tobacco Granola: Another game changer from Yogi, this one adds the sweetness of vanilla and smoothness of fresh tobacco to its granola bar base. It’s heavenly without being heavy and perfect for someone who digs sweets but wants a break from fruit flavors. Perfectly balanced it’s sweet, savory and satisfying.

Strawberry Granola: Sign. Us. Up. There’s just something about the sweet, tart, juicy flavor of strawberries. It’s good on everything, including granola. Actually, especially on granola! The tart, sweet flavors blend seamlessly with oats and honey and will keep you coming back for more.

Peanut Butter Granola: Let’s face it, we’ve all dipped a spoonful of peanut butter into the granola bag. Wait, you haven’t? Well, go try! And then order this delectable Yogi eliquid so you can experience the flavor sensation on repeat. Salty, savory peanut butter complements the oats and loves that delightful honey glaze that refreshes your palate on the exhale so that it’s ready and willing for the next hit.

Java Granola: Picture it: a campfire, early-morning sun just starting to filter through the trees, dappling your campsite with magic. Your hands wrapped around a cozy mug of coffee as you munch on a chocolate chip granola bar. Sounds perfect, right? You don’t have to wait for the weekend, this Yogi vape juice recreates this moment right when you need it, rain or shine.

Yogi ELiquid

All of these flavors come in several options for nicotine levels including nicotine free versions (0 mg).

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