WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical
Yami Vapor is a familiar name in the vaping circuits and is much-loved because of its reputation of having the most unusual flavors in the world of e-juices. Cloud chasers know the brand as a selection of eccentric e-liquids that are as distinctive as the Japanese patterns and symbols that the bottles sport. In fact, you might even consider the label as a tantalizing prelude of what to expect with every whiff. Yami Vapor is available in convenient unicorn bottles that carry exciting names like Juusu, Shaka, Gorudo, and many more.

The only defining factor of the Yami Vapor brand is that it refuses to conform to standard underlying themes. Each flavor has a history and a story to tell. Gorudo talks about the traditional dishes of Japan. Yami Vapor Taruto, on the other hand, traces the evolution of similar desserts evolving in different cultures across the world – a truly fascinating phenomenon. Then you have Mika that takes you on an all-expenses-paid vacation to the tropical paradise of Zanzibar. The interesting factor is the Yami is constantly innovating and releases new, exciting vapor flavors, all the time.

The Yami brand is known for its smooth feel and tasty flavor combinations. All of the Yami Vapor Flavors are made up of premium high-quality ingredients to ensure a high-quality vape experience for its user. The e-juices are extracted from high-grade tobacco leaves using specialized processes. Since the nicotine extracted is in pure nic salt form, you can expect to get a faster hit than with conventional e-liquids. And, that means you’ll feel your nicotine cravings satiated with just a few draws making a single bottle last much longer. Of course, if you’re using the flavor just for the pleasure of vaping, go ahead and indulge as much as you want with 0% nicotine. Yami Vapor has each flavor with that option also.

Yami Vapor salts are designed to be used with pod-based systems that vaporize the e-liquid at lower temperatures. Take care not to use sub-ohm devices and you’ll never have to worry about overheating or experiencing that burnt, unpleasant taste. From the first whiff to the last, expect only great taste and nothing more! You can buy each of the flavors in 100mL bottles, but salt nic options are also available in 30mL unicorns. Of course, we’d advise that you buy the bigger bottles so that you never risk running out of your favorites.

Need more information about the best flavors at Blackout Vapors? Check out this page describing the Yami brand. As for upcoming flavors, watch this space, because, at Blackout, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest and most exciting products offered by the company.

Are you concerned about getting addicted to Yami e-liquids? Well, that’s a real possibility because the flavors are oh so, delightful – and not because of the nicotine content. Try Yami Vapor today, If, you haven’t already!

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