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Yami Vapors E-Juices – Exciting, Innovative, Whimsical!

If you’re an e-juice connoisseur, chances are that you’ve experimented with a whole bunch of brands and flavors. Most e-liquids are a blend of tastes such as fruits, salads, desserts, cookies, and various others. Users who would prefer the taste of tobacco can opt for brands that have the flavor. Of course, that’s for smokers who are trying to kick the habit. When switching to vaping, it helps to adopt a taste that is similar to the smell and kick of conventional nicotine and cigarettes.

As a die-hard vaping veteran, if you’re looking for unique blends and combinations that excite and tease your taste buds, consider trying Yami vapor and e-juices. You’ll likely find that the flavors are innovative, whimsical, and truly exciting. Each unicorn bottle has pretty Japanese artwork that hints at the surprise you’re about to get. The Yami collection also has some intriguing names that make you curious to try them. And, once you do, you’ll be left wanting more. Ready to explore? Let’s get started.

Yami Vapor – Juusu

Yami Juusu is a salt nic juice designed for use in pod-based systems. And, that means that you shouldn’t use this e-juice in a sub-ohm tank or you risk overheating. Juusu is a delightful fruit salad mix of crisp apples, sweet lychees dripping with juice, and topped off with peaches. Each time you inhale, you’ll sense the initial notes of apples and peaches gently caressing your senses. The closing notes are all about lychees leaving you impatient for the next draw. You’re unlikely to find this combination in any other brand.

Yami Vapor – Gorudo

If you always thought Japanese cuisine was all about sushi, sashimi, and sake, you couldn’t be more wrong. How about sweet potatoes roasted Japanese style over an open flame until they acquire that delicious caramelization. Gorudo has an air of history around it since it is considered a special treat and has been served in traditional kitchens for more than 400 years. Even if you don’t particularly like sweet potatoes, you’ll love every nuance of this intriguing flavor. Some of our users have compared Gorudo to the sweet potato casseroles that are an essential part of every Thanksgiving meal in America.

Yami Vapor – Shaka

You’ve probably sampled mango flavors in other brands. Well, there’s mango e-juice. And then, there’s Shaka. What sets this interesting e-liquid apart from all others is that it has more than just mango. It also contains the subtle hues of purple mangosteen. Take a tour of the tropics with every whiff that bathes your tongue in sweet goodness. Think of warm sunshine and the sights and sounds of the Orient and revel in the fascinating balance of sweet and tart. Perhaps, the most interesting thing about mangosteen is that you can’t really identify the fruit. You’ll be left guessing trying to decide between kiwi, plums, and a bunch of similar fruits.

Yami Vapor – Yuki

When you try Yuki, you’ll have visions of digging into a bowl of iced Slurpee’s. Inhale and your senses will feel the chill of menthol. But, as you savor the flavors, you’ll start to sense a medley of fruits such as freshly-sliced passion fruit, oranges reflecting the golden rays of the setting sun, and the rosy pink of guavas. The dominant flavor is menthol with underlying tones of citrus fruits. Some users talk about how Yuki almost seems like a perfume, perfect for a hot, summery day.

Yami Vapor – Taruto

One of the all-time favorite desserts America loves is yellow, buttery, creamy custard balanced with a crispy crust. Taruto is just that – a silken vanilla custard dessert that never fails to impress. It’s the perfect finale to a lovely dinner that satisfies your cravings without adding unwanted calories. Taruto by Yami contains 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG) that delivers fluffy clouds of vapor mimicking the rich creaminess of the custard. This is one flavor that you’ll never share and never run out of. Our seasoned vapers often compare Taruto to the flaky Portuguese egg tart or its Asian version, Dan Ta. Consider it a universal flavor that people from all continents have developed in some form.

Yami Vapor – Mika

Have you ever dreamed about going on a vacation to a tropical island like Zanzibar? Think turquoise blue shimmering oceans, swaying palm trees, monkeys chattering the trees, and birds singing. Then, picture white powdery sands, a relaxed lounger, and a glass of chilled juice in your hand. Take a sip and roll around the flavors of passion fruit, guavas, and orange. Each of the fruits will dance on your taste buds with zesty orange opening the sequence hand in hand with passion fruit. Sweet guavas follow close behind to tantalize your senses for more.

Yami Vapor – Icy Trio

In keeping with their dedication to vaping enthusiasts, Yami has released yet another flavor that continues to fascinate and thrill just like the various others before them. At Blackout Vapors, we describe your journey with this flavor similar to that of a Ninja warrior tasked with gathering up the fruits from their sunny homelands and introducing them into the icy winter air. Enjoy the adventure and a sense of urgency when the tropical fruits battle the icy polar winds and come through adorned with silvery icicles of the crispy menthol flavor. That’s Icy Trio for you – a fusion of strawberries, kiwis, and lychees hidden away in menthol.

Yami Vapor – Butter Brew

Butter Brew is known to have metaphysical powers and only the truly worthy can drink this beverage, hot or cold. Yami makes this elusive flavor available to you in the form of a vaping e-liquid. Every draw you take will transport you to the ultimate world magic. Think creamy vanilla ice cream with swirls of golden melted butterscotch. If you believe in mythical creatures and special foods designed to enhance their powers, enjoy the romance of the tales with swigs from this e-liquid. Here’s a secret that will maximize your enjoyment of this fantastic e-liquid. Refrigerate it for a while before adding it to your pod. The coolness elevates the taste to a whole new dimension.

Yami Vapor – Milkgat

Take a trip down memory lane back to your childhood when you feasted on smooth and rich Milk Nougat. Do you remember how the candy turned into sinful bites of pure pleasure that melted magically, rolled around your tongue and slid down your throat? If you do, then the Milkgat is just like that. It might interest you to know that the word, “nougat” comes from the French term for “nut cake.” The traditional method of cooking the nougat had lots of caramel-colored brown sugar melted down into a sauce with nuts and honey thrown in. Eggs beaten to a smooth froth were added to the mix for the fluffy feel. Yami brings you all of those memories in a Chubby pack ready for your pod-based systems.

Yami E-Liquids Are Unique and Give Your Taste Buds a Treat

You’ve probably tried a lot of different brands and flavors of nic salts, e-juices, and e-liquids. But, the issue with most of them is that the flavors are quite similar to one another. It’s not unusual to find the same fruity or dessert options from different companies with only a slight variation. Then there are many e-liquids that have only a single note or seem bland and uninteresting once you’ve used them for a while. If you’ve been going through one flavor after another without finding anything to stick with, Yami is the one place where you’ll stop. Once you try these tastes, you’ll never want to go back to any other brand.

Yami is Available in 100ml Bottles

Yami e-juices are available in bottles with 100ml e-juice. It’s understandable that you’ll want to buy smaller bottles. There’s always the possibility that you won’t really like the flavors. But, having bigger bottles of Yami e-liquids is actually a good thing. You won’t have to worry about running out of your favorite vaping liquids quickly. Or, making frequent stops to the store to stock up. The 100ml bottles actually prove that the company is super confident that you’ll like what they have. And, they’re right!

You’ll Love the Fact that Yami is Smooth

When you vape with Yami, you won’t have to worry about the harshness in the throat. Each vaping experience is incredibly smooth, which makes it ideal for users who are making the transition to a smoke-free lifestyle. Yami is also perfect for people who’re just trying vaping occasionally for pure recreation. That’s because this brand has a balance of 70 of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) vs 30 of Propylene Glycol (PG). The high VG content provides lots of vapor for a satisfying cloud chasing experience. At the same time, it won’t irritate the tissues in your throat. The low PG content ensures that the e-liquid maintains its integrity. You’ll get just the right amount of flavor that is enjoyable but not too overwhelming.

Yami is Available in Salt Form

Yami Vapor is a range of e-liquids in salt form. In case you’re wondering what that is, know that the nic salt is nicotine in its natural form in tobacco leaves. If you see terms like salt nic, nicotine salts, or salt nicotine, know that they all mean the same product. There are several positives to choosing salts over conventional tobacco. Here are a few of the most interesting ones:

  • Companies use special manufacturing processes to extract the salt from tobacco leaves so that the e-juices retain more of their original potency.
  • A salt compound is a neutral charged ionic compound that is known to be much more stable as compared to other vaping products.
  • A special additive, benzoic acid is used to make the nic salts since it neutralizes the alkaline nicotine molecules. For this reason, nic salts are more stable and hit your brain via the bloodstream quicker giving you that high much faster than any other e-liquids.
  • You’ll find that your cravings are satisfied with just a few draws, which is why the bottle will last you much longer.
  • You’re likely to consume a lower quantity of vaping e-juice at a time. If you’re concerned about possible side effects and long-term ill-effects, choosing Yami Vapors is a great option.
  • Most nicotine salts have a higher percentage of nicotine of typically 60mg/mL. That’s the reason why such products are recommended for people who are trying to quit conventional smoking. Experts have noted that a lower concentration of nicotine is just not enough to deliver a sufficient high. If you wish to kick the habit, you need a nicotine replacement option that is equivalent to cigarettes to which you’re habituated.

Choose Pod-Based Systems for Yami Vapors

The salt form of Yami Vapors allows the e-liquid to vaporize quickly at low temperatures. For this reason, you’ll want to choose pod-based vaping devices that use low wattage and are unlikely to overheat. An added advantage of using pods is that you won’t have to worry about accidental burning or wearing out the vaping coils faster. The whole vaping experience is controlled with a limited volume of clouds. Vaping aficionados recommend that first-timers users go for low-power pods since they may not be able to control the balance between e-liquid release and temperature. Overheating can result in a burned smell that is totally unpleasant.

How Likely Are You to Get Hooked on Yami?

Many vapers are concerned about the possibility of getting addicted to Yami Vapors. Naysayers argue that nic salts deliver a quick hit and give you a high faster than with conventional freebase nicotine. That’s the reason why you could get hooked on the habit. The fact is that the smooth feature of nicotine salts prevents the typical throat harshness that you get with vaping e-liquids. You might just end up vaping more than you normally would – simply because of the delightful flavors and sensations of gentle clouds on your tongue. You could get around the problem by ensuring that you choose e-juices that contain a lower percentage of nicotine. If you think you could accidentally vape more than you intend to, go for 0% nicotine and avoid the risk of getting addicted.

So, Nic Salts or Conventional Freebase E-Liquids – Which is Safer?

That’s probably your next question. The fact is that both, freebase nicotine and nic salts are both fairly new to the vaping world. Scientists have not yet studied the long-term effects. The key difference between the two products is the addition of benzoic acid to nic salts. Though, some manufacturers may choose to add citrus acid instead. According to the World Health Organization International Program on Chemical Safety, you can safely consume a maximum of 5mg of benzoic acid per kilogram of body weight each day. This amount works out to around 345mg for an average vaper weighing 150 pounds. Considering that each 1mL of salt nicotine contains only a few milligrams of benzoic acid, chances are very low that you could consume any dangerous levels of the additive.

To answer your question – yes, nic salts are as safe as conventional e-liquids.

You’ll Buy Nic Salts According to the Levels of Nicotine You’re Used to

Yami Vapors e-liquids are available in strengths such as 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Non-smokers who just want to enjoy vaping can consider using 0mg. But, if you’re looking for nicotine replacement options to help you kick the habit, choose from 3mg or 6mg. Here’s what to expect:

  • 0mg to 3mg – These nicotine levels are ideal for flavor chasers just looking to try different flavors and the sensations of clouds. You can expect a cleaner taste and the e-liquid is best used in sub-ohm tanks with low wattage.
  • 3mg to 6mg – This nicotine level is designed for users who want the high you get from tobacco. At the same time, if you don’t want a very high strength, you can choose the mid-level option. Seasoned vapers recommend that you start off with this strength if you’re making the transition from conventional smoking. You can play around with the frequency of vaping and different flavors as you make the transition to a healthier lifestyle.
  • 6mg and above – This category of Yami Vapors is meant for users who want the maximum dosage of nicotine and can handle it. Users who don’t smoke or smoke a limited number of cigarettes each day may want to avoid this level. Typically, these nic e-juices are used with higher wattage mods.

Check out Our Collection of Yami Vapors

If you would like more information about Yami Vapors and their exciting collection of flavors, do stop by at Blackout Vapors, our online store. Click on this link [email protected] to send us an email and we’ll get back to you asap. We have team members standing by to answer queries. You can also click on the Contact Us button and fill the form. Put down your query and we’ll respond soon.

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