When it comes to vaping there’s a few choices to be made. First and foremost: is a disposable vape or a traditional vape pod with a rechargeable battery more your speed? Today we’re breaking down the two styles to help you make your choice. We’re also weighing in with what we believe is the better choice for most people. Traditional vape pens are those like Juul whereas Hyde is an example of a disposable vape.

The Basics

When vaping there are traditional, rechargeable vape pens like the juul and newer disposable models. Disposable vapes include the Hyde Vape line. These come one per package and are used once. Juul and other vape pens last longer and have a refillable reservoir and charging port. While they’ve been around longer, the popularity of products like Hyde vape is growing.

Old Standard Vs. Disposable Vapes

Rechargeable vape pens were the first type of vapes on the market, initially referred to as e-cigarettes. One of the most popular brands is Juul. On the other hand you have disposable vapes like Hyde which are one part.

Equipment: Juul vs. Hyde Vape

First things first: rechargeable vape pens have a bunch of parts. First is the mouthpiece, then there’s the reservoir where e-juice is refilled, and finally there’s the port and charging cable. The reservoir is sometimes replaced with the easier pod option, as in the case of the Juul.   Read here about how to refill Juul Pods.  The benefit is that you get to know one device and don’t have to fully replace it. But there are some downsides.

The biggest disadvantage to the traditional vape pen and its equipment? It’s easy to lose a part. Mouthpieces are commonly lost or broken and the device can’t be used without this. Charging cords and the USB piece are also easy to lose because they are so small. Over time, with use, the USB loosens and is easier to lose. And let’s face it: we all know how easy it is to lose a charging cord.

Devices like the Hyde Vape have one part that doesn’t dismantle at all. The vape is bought in an individual package and ready to go: just open and puff. There are no parts to lose. And while many may not consider this: the pens themselves get lost and it’s considerably more expensive to replace an entire system when using a traditional device than just picking up a new disposable vape pen.

For this reason we vote for Hyde vape as the choice to make if equipment breakage or loss is a concern.

Reservoirs and Pods

Rechargeable pens use either a pod system or refillable liquids. While the refillable liquids are an absolute nightmare, the pods also cause problems.

Liquids come in a bottle with a dropper or other method of transfer. The pen is disassembled and the new liquid is added. Spills are common and the outside of the bottle often becomes sticky or oily because you’re dealing with a new liquid.

Some traditional pens require priming the heating coil for up to seven minutes. While seven minutes may not seem that long, it adds up and can be very inconvenient.

Juul uses pods that pop in and out. These are much easier than liquid refills but those leak too. Consumers should note that many complaints about the leaks include burning sensations. No one wants that.

Enter the disposable Hyde vape. These pens come completely assembled with no breaks in the mechanism because it doesn’t need to be taken apart for refills. That means no leaking. In addition to the mess of leaking, there are no messy refills or annoying time spent on refilling, which can be a pain with liquid reservoirs. Forget refilling while at a show or on a long car trip, you have to be stationary and well lit to go through the process.

We much prefer the clean, simple disposable vape pen over the mess and fuss of refilling flavors or worrying about expensive, leaky pods.


Vapers care about flavor. With a pen that recharges, residual juice and buildup means that flavors aren’t as pure. If you’re using a strongly flavored juice, for example, moving to a more mild one will likely have hints of the stronger flavor unless you continue to use the milder flavor for several refills.

Disposable vapes come in one flavor. Pick the one you want, use it, toss it and then stick with the same choice or change it up when you buy a replacement. There’s no worry over whether or not the flavors will meld (which could be gross). Instead you’re getting the purest form of that flavor for the duration of the vape.

Because each Hyde Vape is individual use, vapers see less waste. There’s little to no chance of getting sick of a flavor and vapers can choose to switch it up (or stay consistent) as much or as little as they want. Those using refillable liquids may tire of a liquid and purchase a new one instead of sticking it out since they come with far more than the amount in a disposable vape.

When it comes to flavors it’s really a personal choice but we prefer the variety and purity of disposable vape options especially brands like Hyde who come in 17 flavors.

Staying Power of Juul vs Hyde Vape

A study from 2015, looking at data from 1 million puffs, showed that the average vaper puffs 132 times per day. Let’s call that 5.5 puffs an hour.

The traditional vape pen lasts about 200 puffs and a full charge lasts about that long as well. That’s about one pod and one charge every day and a half.

The Hyde Vape, one example of a disposable vape, is good for more than twice the puffs of a rechargeable pen. The average number of puffs is 350. That’s more than two days worth.

When it comes to staying power we choose the Hyde disposable vape. It’s possible to never have to wait, unlike with a traditional hardwired vape pen.

Which Price is Right?

One of the most common factors when people are making decisions about what to buy is the cost. But you can’t just look at the dollar sign to make a decision. You have to look at a few different things to really understand the cost.

Traditional, rechargeable pens are sold for $35-50 for the initial pen and then $16 for a pack of four pods. As we mentioned above, a pod and a charge last about 36 hours. There’s 168 hours in a week which means most people will use a full pack of pods and possibly a fifth each week. A conservative estimate on the cost, then, is $16 a week. For a year, assuming no problems with leaky pods or any breakage or loss of parts, a vaper can expect to spend about $832 in pods plus an average of $43 for the pen system.

The Hyde disposable vape goes for about $7. If a vaper has to buy 3 a week that’s $1092 a year with no other costs. There’s no initial equipment fee, no pods or liquids, etc.

Hands down, we would choose the Hyde Vape over a traditional vape pen. 

Which do We Prefer?

There are plenty of options out there. But when it comes to the average person, we think disposable vapes are usually the best option. Here’s a simple breakdown of the benefits and differences.


With multiple moving parts and a charging cord, reservoir, and bottles or pods for refilling, traditional vape pens require more care, have a greater chance of breakage and damage. Disposable vapes are single devices that come charged and without parts that can be lost.

Reservoirs and Pods

Remember how Dorothy and friends were worried about “lions and tigers and bears, oh my?” We feel the same way about reservoirs and pods most days. While we’d definitely choose pods over reservoirs disposable vape pens are just so much more convenient and less likely to cause a mess. While some may want to play mixologist with flavors and bottles, we prefer to have ours pre-loaded and without leaks!


Call us fickle, but there’s something nice about being able to change up a flavor with zero residual liquid or weird flavor melding. It’s also nice to be able to do this quickly and without waste or taking the time to prime a coil. Hyde disposable vapes currently come in 17 varied flavors including ice varieties which have a great cooling sensation. The variety is incredible and it’s simple to change by just starting your new vape.

Staying Power

Hands down, we’re going disposable. Charging gets old and eventually rechargeable batteries shorten in life. They also require cleaning when being changed. A typical battery costs about $15, a pretty significant cost when the system and use is already costing over $800 a year.


In addition to all of the other benefits of disposable vapes, the price is right. It’s also better for those on a budget. There aren’t going to be unforeseen issues with your $7 vape that lasts longer, has better flavor and is a lot easier to manage than a standard traditional vape pen. No new parts. No new batteries. And if you lose it, you’re out only $7 versus five times that to replace the traditional pen.

If we say a traditional pen will cost $832 a year with no need for any extra parts and new battery and vaping with a disposable option like Hyde will cost $1092, it’s a large assumption. Chances are there will be a need for new parts or a new battery for the traditional pen and we’re not convinced it’s not worth the extra expense to not have to deal with the mess, parts, cord and risk of breaking or losing those ancillary parts.

The Verdict

Disposable vapes are likely going to overtake the market thanks to their ease of use and budget-friendly prices. Beyond being cheaper they’re easier, longer lasting and fresher tasting. Shop for one today and see what you think. Check out our full selection of disposable vapes including flavor descriptions. We also have traditional vape pens for those who prefer them.