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Air Bar LUX Disposables


With a beautiful and easy design and many different flavors to choose from, the Air Bar LUX is the ultimate disposal and will be your new favorite. Containing more juice and puffs, the Air Bar will prove effective and fun.




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Enjoy a delicious and long-lasting vape that is easy to manage and only needs a few steps to the trash when you are all done. With more juice and puffs, the Air Bar Lux disposable vape is the latest release from Suorin technology. With 18 diverse and tasty flavors to choose from, you won’t be bored or left unsatisfied.

Air Bar LUX

The sleek design and aesthetic of the Air Bar allow for easy vaping with its smooth mouth that not only protects the teeth but adds additional comfort when in use. The sleek metal bottom is easy to hold and the top lights up when one draws from it.

Air Bar LUX Specs

  • Disposable Device
  • 5% nicotine
  • 1 Device per package
  • 2.7mL of e-liquid
  • 500 mAh battery capacity
  • 1000 puffs per device
  • Not rechargeable


  • Aloe Blackcurrant
  • Banana Ice
  • Banana Shake
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Blueberry Kiwi
  • Blueberry Pomegranate Ice
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Cherry Pomegranate Ice
  • Coconut Grove
  • Cranberry Lemonade Ice
  • Grape Ice
  • Mix Berries
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Raspberry Grapefruit
  • Raspberry Watermelon
  • Shake Shake
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Sunset Cocktail
  • Triple Shake
  • Watermelon Ice

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Air Bar


Aloe Blackcurrant, Banana Ice, Banana Shake, Blueberry Ice, Blueberry Kiwi Ice, Blueberry Pomegranate Ice, Blueberry Rasperry, Cherry Pomegranate Ice, Coconut Grove, Cranberry Lemonade Ice, Grape Ice, Mix Berries, Pineapple Ice, Raspberry Grapefruit, Raspberry Watermelon, Shake Shake, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, Sunset Cocktail, Triple Shake, Watermelon Ice


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