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Aspire NX75-S STAINLESS STEEL is an over-designed, over-engineered box mod that is ultra intuitive to offer the best vaping experience you can enjoy.

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Aspire NX75 STAINLESS STEEL is a refined box mod that features an intuitive design. As part of the NX Series, this box mod represents several years of development and testing by the R&D team from Aspire. At the same time, it ushers in the new era while setting a new standard for what vape users can expect from modern box mods in the future.

One of the things that set Aspire NX75-S STAINLESS STEEL apart from the previous installments is the precision in design and development. The NX75-S, along with the NX75-A mods, reflects the brand’s stronger commitment towards bringing high quality vape products into the market. This is evident with the build and design of the new model, which is aesthetically striking and pleasing. The premium CNC finish on the Aspire NX75-S STAINLESS STEEL is a picture of elegance. The stainless steel body is not only chosen for its aesthetic value, but also for passing stringent testing and quality assurance tests. The NX75-S is the stainless steel version while the NX75-A is the aluminum version. The quality of engineering used is evident from the moment you handle this device.

The five-button system allows you to customize your vape experience to suit your preference. Within a few button clicks, you can get the right vape experience you want. The development team has committed themselves to the ease of use of the product. This five-button system consists of the following: Fire button, Wattage button, Temperature control button, and the Plus and Minus buttons.

Aside from the ability to adjust the settings on the Aspire NX75-S STAINLESS STEEL with a few button clicks, the battery installation is also very simple and straightforward. An 18650 battery is required or the Aspire NX75-S STAINLESS STEEL. Insert the battery to the slot with the positive (+) side down. Meanwhile, the device comes with Type-C port to ensure fast and efficient charging.


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