Gorilla Warfare Ejuice .50 BMG – 120mL


A heavy hitting juicy Pineapple creates a sweet and tart base and then mixes with a savory sweet Dragon fruit flavor for a delicious fruity feast.

Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels in 120mL bottles.

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Gorilla Warfare 120mL – 50 BMG – Pineapple Dragonfruit


Gorilla Warfare 120mL – 50 BMG – Pineapple Dragonfruit is one of Gorilla Warfare’s most popular flavors, and it’s also one of the most powerful and prominent flavors that they have in the line! This liquid takes juicy, mouthwatering Pineapple and mixes it with the tropical sweetness of Dragonfruit, making a taste that feels like you’re on an island in the tropics watching sweet and sour have a tug of war near the ocean. You wouldn’t think of creating a fruit pair quite like this one, but it’s definitely a flavor explosion that is worth the journey! This vape juice is made for those who enjoy a juicy and fruity flavor experience with a blend on sweet and tartness.


Inhaling brings out the pure flavor of a Pineapple, ripe and tart, sweet and juicy, just a well-rounded fruit looking for a partner. Then, Dragonfruit steps onto the stage and throws its savory and unique sweet taste in front of Pineapple, as they begin to dance around and mamba between their flavors, one minute they’re apart and you can taste them individually, and the next minute they’re together in perfect harmony. Exhaling showcases the Dragonfruit flavor even more to leave off with a soft faded ending of fruitiness. Gorilla Warfare 120mL – 50 BMG – Pineapple Dragonfruit is available in 3 different nicotine strengths to choose from and comes packaged in a chubby Unicorn bottle for easy squeeze refills.

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