Hohm Tech Grown 2 26650 Battery (Single)


Grab yourself some vape batteries that go above and beyond with many great features that will impress. With 4244mAh, a CDR of 30.3A, and more, you won’t go back to any old batteries you used before.

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Want some vape batteries that exceed your expectations and go above and beyond? The Hohm Grown 2 26650 4244mAh 3.6V Li-NMC Battery is what you need in your life right now. Rated at 4244mAh, with a CDR of 30.3A, and 80°C | 2.8V cut-off limit at 41.1A, you will be able to have a vape that impresses you, without sacrificing capacity.

Hohm Grown 2 26650 Battery (Single) Specs

  • Capacity: 4244mAh
  • Max Charge Rate: 5.30A
  • Continuous Discharge Rate: 30.3A
  • Max@80°C | 2.8V cut-off: 41.1A
  • Cycle Life Retention: 500 Cycles (81%), 1000 (73%)
  • Chemistry Type: QSP Li-NMC

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