Humble Juice Co. – American Dream 120mL


A fruity pebbles cereal treat.

VG/PG: 80/20

Available in 120mL bottle in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths.
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Humble Juice Co. – American Dream 120mL


Humble Juice Co. – American Dream 120mL will make you feel like you’re enjoying a classic bowl of fruity cereal pebbles soaked in delicious milk while there are fireworks bursting in the background. This cereal flavor keeps things exciting by choosing a fruity pebble blend so that there are hints of many different tastes like berries, sweet citrus, and creamy dairy to make one amazing flavor experience. This flavor creates a gorgeous sweet blend without being a heavy kind of sweetness, so everything is light and airy and still packs a good amount of taste with it. The creaminess from the milk undertone of this liquid is so smooth and silky that it can almost be compared to an ice-cream flavor.


Inhaling American dream brings out a calm and rich fruity cereal flavor with slight oat undertones and shots of sweet flavors such as strawberry, orange, blueberry and many more all blended into one. As the flavor mixes, the taste of fruity little pebbles of sugary goodness intensify and reach their peak and that’s when the delicious dairy comes in to cool everything down. Exhaling brings out the dairy undertones even more with a rich creaminess to leave your taste buds feeling full and satisfied without feeling weighed down. Humble Juice Co. creates e-liquids that are sure to please even the pickiest of vapers, with fruity, creamy, tangy, and even more different tastes in their collection. Humble Juice Co. – American Dream 120mL can be used with all vape mods and refillable devices and  comes available in 3 different nicotine levels to choose from.

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