Mr Fog Max Air MA8500 Disposable 5%


Try the Mr Fog Max Air disposable vape. It has 17mL of yummy e-liquid and a long-lasting 600mAh battery charges with USB-C, giving about 8500 puffs. It has a mesh coil for better taste and adjustable air for your puff style. Great for tasty, fun vaping.

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Check out the Mr Fog Max Air MA8500 Disposable 5%, your new disposable vape that’s super easy to use. It’s filled up with 17mL of tasty e-liquid and gives you that nicotine kick at a 5% strength. You won’t have to worry about charging all the time because Mr Fog Max Air has a 600mAh battery that recharges with a USB-C cable, and you get about 8500 puffs from each vape. Plus, it’s got this cool mesh coil that makes every puff taste better, and you can even change how much air comes in when you take a puff. The mouthpiece is super comfy and safe, and the vape itself has a really neat look that stands out. And just so you know, it’s got nicotine but no actual tobacco. Give the Mr Fog Max Air a go for some fun puffs with awesome flavor!

Mr Fog Max Air MA8500 Disposable 5% Specs

E-Liquid Capacity: 17mL Pre-Filled.

Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg).

Battery: 600mAh, Type-C Rechargeable.

Puff Count: Approximately 8500 Puffs.

Coil Type: Mesh Coil.

Airflow: Adjustable Top Airflow.

Mouthpiece: TPU Food-Grade Material.

Note: This product contains tobacco-free nicotine.


Double Apple: A rich combination of apple varieties for a deeper apple flavor.

Double Berry: A blend of different berry flavors for twice the berry goodness.

Double Espresso: A concentrated espresso flavor for coffee enthusiasts.

Double Grape: A duo of grape varieties combined for a fuller grape taste.

Double Peach: Different peach flavors merged for an extra sweet and juicy peach experience.

Double Razz: A fusion of multiple raspberry, enhancing the natural sweetness.

Double Spearmint: A doubly refreshing spearmint flavor for an extra cool sensation.

Double Strawberry: A blend of strawberry varieties, amplifying sweet strawberry aroma.

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Double Apple, Double Berry, Double Espresso, Double Grape, Double Peach, Double Razz, Double Spearmint, Double Strawberry

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