Wave Vue 10K Disposable 5%


The Wave Vue 10K 5% is a premium disposable vape with a big 20mL liquid capacity and 10,000 puffs. It has a rechargeable battery that charges with USB-C. An LED screen shows battery and liquid levels. Great for everyday vaping. Try it now!

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The Wave Vue 10K 5% Disposable Vape offers a remarkable 10,000-puff count for those who vape regularly. It comes pre-filled with 20mL of e-liquid, paired with a 5% nicotine strength and a 650mAh rechargeable battery, which can be easily powered up via a USB-C port. One of the key innovations of the Wave 10K is the VUETECH Display, an integrated LED screen that keeps you informed about the remaining battery and e-liquid. With its high e-liquid capacity, innovative display, and easy recharge-ability, the Wave Vape 5% promises a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience from start to finish.

Wave 10K 5% Specs

Battery: Rechargeable 650 mAh.

Charging: USB-C rechargeable system.

Display Technology: Integrated LED screen for battery and e-liquid monitoring.

E-Liquid Capacity: 20ml Pre-Filled.

Nicotine Strength: 5% nicotine (50MG).

Puff Count: Approximately 10,000 puffs.


Banana Straw: A sweet mix of ripe bananas and strawberries.

Blue Razz Ice: A cool blend of blue raspberry with an icy touch.

Kiwi Dragon Berry: A blend of kiwi, dragon fruit, and sweet berries.

Kiwi Watermelon: A refreshing mix of kiwi and juicy watermelon.

Lush Ice: A combination of watermelon flavor with a refreshing icy feel.

Mintopia: A perfect mint flavor with a fresh twist.

Minty Ice: A crisp mint flavor with a cool touch.

Peach Ice: Ripe peach flavor with a refreshing chill.

Pink Burst: A sweet, candy-like strawberry flavor.

Rainbow Snow Cone: A colorful and fruity mix, like a snow cone.

Raspberry Watermelon: A blend of juicy raspberries and sweet watermelon.

Spearmint: A fresh and clean spearmint flavor.

Strawberry Mango: A mix of sweet strawberries and tropical mango.

Strawmelon: A combination of strawberries and watermelon.

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Banana Straw, Blue Razz Ice, Kiwi Dragon Berry, Kiwi Watermelon, Lush Ice, Mintopia, Minty Ice, Peach Ice, Pink Burst, Rainbow Snow Cone, Raspberry Watermelon, Spearmint, Strawberry Mango, Strawmelon

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