BEARD Vape Co. Salt 30mL – NO. 71


Pop a sweet-sour candy that hints at Georgia succulent peaches that simply melt in your mouth while catering to your nicotine cravings.


One of the newest offerings from Beard Vape Co., the Beard Salt No. 71 is the perfect flavor for vapers who love the taste of sweet and tangy fruits. Inhale and draw in the delicious sour sugary flavor that satiates your thirst and exhale to sense sweet sugar that pampers your taste buds. Enjoy the delightful tang of ripe peaches with juicy undertones that are not overpowering but only offer a hint of the flavoring.

The Beard No. 71 has an even half and half VG/ PG ratio that is surprisingly smooth despite its high nicotine content. You can conveniently use the salts with refillable pod-based systems and other low power devices like, for example, the Suorin Drop, Smok Infinix, Phix, or other compact devices that are easy to carry around. Rely on high-quality food-grade ingredients that go into the vaping salts made in standardized, sterile facilities for complete safety. The salts have nicotine strength of 50mg and are available in 30ml bottles with a dropper for easy loading. Because of the high nicotine content, you may find that you can satisfy your nicotine cravings quickly leaving you satisfied with only a few puffs making the juice last much longer than other similar salts.

If you enjoy the taste of peach candy, you will love this concoction that takes you back to a carefree childhood when you munched on gummy rings with peach flavoring. Go ahead and feel the soft candy rolling across your tongue without worrying about the calories or harmful effects of conventional nicotine inhalation. Enjoy the universal favorite of perfectly balanced sweet-sour candy suitable for vaping at any time of the day.

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