Hohm Tech LIFE 4 Battery


The Hohm Tech LIFE 4 battery is perfect for those power hungry devices because this battery is built to last. An ideal battery for users looking for a strong cell to power any 18650 mod.


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Do you have a device that is power hungry ? Then Hohm LIFE Battery 4 is for you because this is one seriously strong battery. With rave reviews from users, from how well they hold charge to the overall look, these 18650 batteries will get the job done.

The Hohm Tech LIFE 4 Battery

Finding a good 18650 battery might not be easy, but when it comes to vape batteries, the Hohm Life Battery 4 gets a standing ovation from vapors. This battery features a 3015 mAh capacity, 31.5A maximum discharge rate and a 22.1A constant discharge rate. That’s a lot of features for one 18650 battery.

Customers are giving top reviews for this battery from Hohm Tech. Some of their favorites include: overall look, long life, hold charge and more.

Hohm LIFE Battery 4 Specs

Nominal Capacity – 3015mAh
Continuous Discharge Current – 22.1A
Max Discharge Current – 31.1A
Maximum Pulse Peak – 37.1A
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Max Charge Rate: 4.43A
Top: Flat Top
Type: QSP Li-NMC Foundation
Size: 18650




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