Hohm School Uno 2A Vape Battery Charger


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Meet the Hohm School Uno 2a Vape Battery Charger: simplicity and power in a single-slot design. This charger borrows the strength from its sibling, the Hohm SCHOOL2, and channels it all into one slot, giving you a swift 2A charge. The Hohm School Uno doesn’t need a screen. It’s all automatic. Thanks to the IPR System1, it smartly adjusts the output depending on your power adapter. Whether you’ve got an old 0.5A or a newer 2A adapter, the Hohm School Uno gets the job done. It can even balance batteries with or without PCB/PCM2, ensuring long life for today’s small li-ion batteries. With input power regulation, this charger is gentle on USB adapters. Modern li-ion batteries demand accurate voltage and current for a lasting life. So, if you’re after a smart, single-slot vape battery charger, Hohm School Uno is the one.

Hohm School Uno 2a Vape Battery Charger Specs

  • Charge Rate: Efficient 2A charge.
  • Battery Size Compatibility: Fits ALL up to 71mm.
  • Battery Type Compatibility: Perfect for Li-ion (3.6V / 3.7V).

Hohm School Uno 2a Vape Battery Charger Features

  • Smart Adaptation with IPR System1: Seamlessly adjusts to your power adapter.
  • PCB/PCM2 Compatibility: Ideal for today’s li-ion batteries.
  • Safety Enhanced: In-built input power regulation ensures the safety of USB adapters.
  • Simplified Design: No screen needed for an easy, user-friendly experience.

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