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The Hohm School4 Vape Battery Charger, built on the trusted Hohm SCHOOL platform, is simple but smart. It comes with BLD (Battery Length Detection) and an IPR (Input Power Regulator). The best part? It works on its own – no screen needed. It automatically sets the right charging speed for your battery, making it last longer and stay safe. Its unique design lets it adjust the charging based on the battery size, thanks to the BLD system. No stress on USB plugs, and the IPR ensures that. There’s also a neat feature: a 2V Activation system. This means it’ll give a small charge to wake up batteries that are very low. Easy-to-see LED lights show you how it’s doing, and it’s safe for most li-ion batteries. Plus, it’s made of safe materials and has a special contact point for better charging.

Hohm School4 Vape Battery Charger Specs

  • Battery Slots: 4
  • Auto Adjust Charge: 0.5A, 1A, 2A
  • Total Charge Power: 4A

Hohm School4 Vape Battery Charger Features

  • No need for a screen; 100% autonomous operation.
  • Solid and pulsing LED indicators for quick and easy reading.
  • Can charge PCB/PCM equipped li-ion batteries.
  • Made of non-ABS fire-retardant compound.
  • Features the industry-only Multi-Groove positive contact.
  • BLD and IPR integrated systems for efficiency and safety.
  • 2V Activation low-voltage system for battery stimulation.

Hohm School4 Vape Battery Charger Includes

  • (1) Hohm School4 Vape Battery Charger
  • HC USB-C Cable
  • User Manual

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