Mr. Salt-E Razzlemelon 30mL


A surprising taste of raspberries and watermelons that hits you with every whiff of this ultra-smooth flavor from Mr. Salt E, the perfect choice for vapers everywhere.

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The Mr. Salt E selection of flavors is perfect for the die-hard smoker struggling to kick the habit for good. Switch to the Razzlemelon with its levels of 45gms and 25gms of nicotine that keep your cravings at bay and replace them with the pure enjoyment of sweet-sour raspberries clamoring for attention when blended with the juicy freshness of watermelons. The Razzlemelon is amazingly addictive thanks to its pleasant scents that are a welcome change from the acrid, burning taste of conventional cigarettes.

Inhale the fruity scents of this offering from Mr. Salt E combined with clouds of vapor that come from the 60/40 combination of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, both food-grade compounds. Add to that is the Benzoic Acid that sweetens the deal and you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before. This e-liquid is extracted from the leaves of the tobacco plant using a special process that maintains the salt structure of nicotine. For this reason, the ions reach your body cells more slowly making this form of nicotine safer than other e-juices. At the same time, it flows smoothly into your nose, mouth, throat, and lungs with none of the usual harshness.

Use the very convenient dropper to load your vaping pods that are compatible with low-power, high resistance vaping devices. And, once you replace the child-proof cap, you’ll never have to worry about kids or pets getting into it.

If you’re looking for the best solution to give up smoking, consider replacing the habit with vaping using increasingly lower levels of nicotine to a point where the nic level is 0%. And, the Razzlemelon from Mr. Salt E is just what you need to get started!

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