Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini RDA


The Asgard Mini RDA is a small, strong vape from Vaperz Cloud. It’s only 25mm wide and 23mm tall, great for big clouds and taste. It has a hidden spot for 6mL of juice, so you refill less. Easy to add coils and quick to switch to a squonk bottle. Lots of air holes make the vapor taste great. Perfect for enjoying strong flavors and clouds in a mini vape.

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Check out the Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini RDA, a cool little version of the big Asgard RDA. It’s small but mighty, with a size of 25mm and stands just 23mm tall, perfect for making big clouds and enhanced flavor. It has a smart design with a half-hidden place to put your juice that can hold up to 6mL, so you can vape more between refills. Putting in coils is super simple, and with a special pin that pops out, you can switch from regular dripping to using a squonk bottle super fast. The Asgard Mini RDA has loads of tiny holes (48 to be exact!) around it to pull in air, which hits your coils from an angle (30°), making sure your vapor tastes amazing. If you’re all about getting great flavor and clouds from a small vape, the Asgard Mini RDA should definitely be on your list!

Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini RDA Specs

Size: 25mm diameter, includes a 28mm beauty ring.

Plating: 24K gold-plated positive pin and post.

Squonk Pin: Quick release squonk pin with spare screws set in deck.

Deck Design: Semi-postless deck.

Juice Well Capacity: 6mL.

Post Holes: Four 2.5mm x 3mm post holes.

Heat Sink: Made of Ultem material.

Airflow Diffuser: Ultem airflow diffuser.

Chamber Reducer: Ultem chamber reducer.

Locking Mechanism: Locking top cap and rail system.

Drip Tips: Tallboy tip and shorty tip.

Additional Accessories: Spare screws and o-rings.

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Vaperz Cloud


Matte Black, Polished Gunmetal, Purple Satin


25mm, 28mm


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