WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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How the Elf Bar 5000 Is Taking the Vape Industry by Storm

A man Vaping-Elf Bar BC5000

Are you looking for something uniquely different from your vaping experience?

Are you tired of the “same old/same old” styles and flavors of the vaping devices that are on the market today?

In a world where products are constantly changing – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse – it can sometimes be hard to stay on top of what’s the latest and the greatest in the vaping industry.

In fact, studies tell us that now more than ever, people are turning to vaping as an effective way to curb certain habits and as a form of inexpensive relaxation.

And – since the vaping industry knows that – there are more and more products appearing on the market every day.

So…how do you know if you’re about to invest in a vape pen that tastes as good as the claims say it does?

How do you know if this new vape pen is going to deliver all the other things it claims to?

How do you know if you are getting a good deal for your money?

If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself before purchasing your next vape pen, then look no further than the Elf Bar 5000!

The Elf Bar 5000 has been around since 2018 and is not the first vape pen to hit the scene.

That said, it is by far one of the most popular vape pens in Europe and other countries overseas and is quickly catching on at a rapid rate in the United States as well.

Want to know more about vape pens and what makes the Elf Bar 5000 the vape pen that people around the world are reaching for? Read on to find out!

The History Behind the Vape Pen

Interestingly, even though there’s been a major uptick in people using vaping devices in the past few decades, the art of vaping has actually been around since the 1800s when – even then – doctors and pharmacists saw it as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Historians believe that a big reason that vaping fell out of style was because cigarettes continued to grow in popularity.

Today, however, as more and more research tells us that smoking cigarettes is harmful to our long-term health, using a vaping device instead of smoking has definitely grown in popularity, especially as the styles, longevity and flavors of vape pens have become more appealing.

Even though most vape pens contain nicotine, it is widely believed that the amount of nicotine in a puff off a vape pen is substantially less than the nicotine contained in a cigarette.

Not only that but research has shown that most cigarettes also contain more harmful carcinogenic products that what is contained within the e juice inside a vape pen.

The New Vape Pen of Choice: The Elf Bar 5000

As vape pens continue to evolve, it’s becoming more and more clear that many people prefer a disposable vape pen option, they want a vape pen that is easy to operate, they want a vape pen that is easy to recharge, and they want a vape pen that comes in a whole host of different vape flavors.

Many brands are able to offer a few of these wants. But few can off all of them the way the Elf Bar 5000 can.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that the Elf Bar 5000 and Elf Bar BC5000 has greatly grown in popularity over the past few years and why vaping enthusiasts are convinced that this brand is here to stay!

The Elf Bar 5000 is a Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens are fantastic for the person on the go.

With no muss no fuss, they are a great option for someone who cares less about all the accessories and more about having a pen that tastes good and can be throw away as soon as all the e juice runs out.

And, since it is easy to find a vape shop or online store that sells them, a disposable vape pen user won’t have to worry about running out at a time that’s inconvenient.

Though there are a number of other disposable vapes on the market today, the Elf Bar 5000 is definitely a standout when it comes to the competition!

The Elf Bar 5000 is Easy to Operate

There’s no point in using a disposable vape if it’s not relatively easy to operate, right?

Part of the joy of disposable vapes is that they are designed to be simple and hassle-free.

This is definitely the case with the Elf Bar 5000!

From the moment you remove it from the package, the Elf Bar 5000 is easy to operate. Since it comes pre-charged, you can use it once it’s in your hands.

The Elf Bar 5000 has no buttons or switches to fiddle with. Simply place the ergonomically-designed mouthpiece in your mouth and enhale. That’s it! As soon as you taste the e liquid, you’ll know it’s working and that you’ve successfully gotten a puff.

The Elf Bar 5000 is Easy to Recharge

As its name aptly implies, the Elf Bar 5000 will provide most users around 5000 puffs before it will need to be replaced.

Unfortunately, those 5000 puffs will probably not make it on the original battery charge, and you’ll have to recharge it at some point during the life of the Elf Bar 5000 disposable.

Luckily, recharging the Elf Bar 5000 is incredibly effortless as well.

Located on the bottom of the vape canister is a USB port. Recharging the Elf Bar vape is as easy as finding a USB cable and plugging in the vape pen. Simple as that!

It will take less than an hour for your Elf Bar 5000 to be back up to fully charge and ready to go!

(Note: the Elf Bar 5000 does not come with a USB cord, but is compatible with most that you most likely already have on hand.)

The Elf Bar 5000 Comes in a Host of Different Flavors

Though fans of the Elf Bar 5000 greatly appreciate it’s disposability, it’s rechargeability and the ease at which they can use it, probably the biggest win for the Elf Bar 5000 over its competition is its vast array of flavor choices.

Yes, many vape products have an extensive menu of options for your taste buds. But the Elf Bar 5000 takes it to a totally different level.

Here is just a small sampling of some of the Elf Bar 5000 options for you to try:

  • Watermelon banana ice: this popular flavor combines the tang of a summertime watermelon with the creaminess of a banana, then adding just the right amount of icy coolness to make you wonder why this vape flavor isn’t already one of your favorites.
  • Peach mango watermelon: mango is not always the first fruit many people will reach for, but when combined with the peach and watermelon in this pen, you’ll be wondering why it’s not already one of your favorites.
  • Rainbow candy: As the name implies, rainbow candy is an explosion of sweetness for your taste buds!
  • Pineapple coconut ice: this is truly what the tropics must taste like!
  • Strawberry cream: sweet and smooth, the strawberry cream will remind you of a warm summer day.
  • Lemon mint: similar to the strawberry cream, the lemon mint will conjure up days in the summer sun, but will leave you with more of a fresh feel, like a tall glass of iced tea.
  • Strawberry mango: mango and strawberry? You bet! You’ve got to try this one to really appreciate the sweet taste it provides.
  • Sweet watermelon: when you’re looking for something simple and refreshing, it’s going to be hard to find an e liquid more perfect than sweet watermelon.
  • Honeydew pineapple orange: honeydew and pineapple and orange…oh my! It’s like a fresh fruit salad for your taste buds!
  • Watermelon ice: a well-loved favorite, the watermelon ice adds a bit of cooling sensation to the end of every puff.

As you can see, the flavor list is practically endless! And remember, this is just a small sample of the number of EB Create vapes flavors that are currently on the market.

Add to this other favorites such as black ice, sweet menthol peach berry and cranberry orange and you will see what is meant by “so many flavors to choose from.”

And, considering this product’s popularity, most vape enthusiasts have no doubt there are more flavor combinations and experiments on the horizon.

Start Your Elf Bar bc5000 Vaping Experience with Blackout Vapors

If you’re ready to try one of the hottest and most flavorful vape pens being offered today, order a favorite flavor (or two!) from Blackout Vapors today.

At a cost of less than $17 per vape pen, it won’t be a budget-breaker for you to try more than one!

Not only that, but because of the Elf Bar 5000 disposable vape pen’s excellent battery life, rechargeable options, ease of use and high puff count, there is no doubt that you’ll find quantity and quality every time you pull out your Elf Bar 5000 to use it.

And…the Elf Bar 5000 disposable is super discreet! Unlike some bigger models of vape pens, the Elf Bar 5000 fits neatly in the palm of your hand, making it easy to use when you want it, but hard for others to notice when you don’t want them to.

Give Elf Bar 5000 a try today. Whether you are in the mood for something sour, like the Elf Bar 5000 sour apple or want to start with something sweeter, like the Elf Bar 5000 strawberry banana, you are sure to find it here at Blackout Vapors.

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