Bad Drip Disposable 5000 Puffs


Need a new disposable? The Bad Drip Disposable has crazy fun flavors, 50mg of nicotine, a 4.0mL capacity, and gives you 5000 puffs of deliciousness.

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The Bad Drip 5000 Puff Disposable is as cool as a disposable vape gets. With incredible juicy flavors that will blow your mind, this disposable carries 50mg of nicotine, 4.0mL capacity, synthetic nicotine, and gives you 5000 incredible puffs.

Bad Drip 5000 Puff Disposable Specs

  • 5% or 50mg Nicotine
  • 4.0ml Juice Capacity
  • Approx. 1200 Puffs
  • Synthetic Nicotine


  • Bad Rainbow: A mixed fruit flavor with all the candied sugar inside.
  • Dead Lemonade: The classic lemon drop candy rolled in powdered sugar.
  • Frozen Banana: A mix of icy bananas.
  • Icy Mint: A breath of fresh minty air, literally.
  • Rawberry Mango: A mix of strawberry and mango, but with a kick.
  • Rawberry Melon:A blend of strawberries and melons.
  • Whatever Worms: Gummy worms layered in sugar.

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Bad Drip


Bad Rainbow, Dead Lemonade, Frozen Banana, Icy Mint, Rawberry Mango, Rawberry Melon, Whatever Worms

3 reviews for Bad Drip Disposable 5000 Puffs

  1. Christopher McCoy (verified owner)

    Best disposable on the market and the dead lemonade and whatever worms are the absolute best! The only thing that disappoints is they are always sold out. Please restock ASAP.

  2. leslie wooten (verified owner)

    The pink lemonade is my favorite.

  3. moelcast1 (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor with every hit. Not harsh at all and It actually feels really smooth with every single hit. It last me almost 2 weeks. Definitely recommend this brand.

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