Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Big Berry 60mL


Big Berry is made up of Juicy Watermelon that gets Blasted with Blueberry Jelly Beans, making a mixture that isn’t common but sure is tasty!


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Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Big Berry 60mL


Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Big Berry 60mL (formerly Big Belly Jelly) is a tasty mix of Watermelon flavor mixed with Blueberry Jelly Bean candies. This is a mix not too many people would think of creating, but that’s also the reason why it tastes like one of the greatest combinations created in an e-liquid. Thinking outside of the box has brought this little gem to us sealed and delivered in a dropper-style bottle. The sweetness and absolute juiciness of the Watermelon flavor is sweet and ripe, combining with a bold blueberry flavor that isn’t tart like the real thing, but more candied and balanced like a bright blue Jelly Bean.


Inhaling this flavor brings out the juicy sweetness of the Watermelon base for a thirst-quenching beginning. As the mix sits and settles, the flavors come together more and more and the blueberry flavor becomes more imminent. This turns it from a simply sweet taste to a perfect balance of tart and sweet, creating a gorgeous dance of opposites. Exhaling intensifies the berry flavor and leaves your taste buds feeling like they were just graced by ten delicious candies at once. Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Big Berry 60mL allows for users to choose from 3 different nicotine levels and can be used in all refillable devices.

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