Gorilla Warfare 120mL – .308 Reloaded


A delicious blend of Mango, Melon and Honeydew! The flavor is rich, round and sumptuous perfect for the vapor who loves a luxurious experience.

Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels in 120mL bottles.

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Gorilla Warfare Ejuice .308 Reloaded – 120 mL combines tropical mango with a mix of melon and honeydew. It’s soft, sweet and round in the mouth providing a luxurious feel throughout the experience. Enjoy the silken notes of melon as you pull on your pen but don’t worry, it’s not cloying. Tropical mango keeps the melon flavors light and blend with them to provide a multi-faceted flavor sure to be your new favorite blend. This Gorilla warfare vape juice will remind you of a tropical drink but without the heaviness of booze to slow you down. It’s more like the perfect smoothie after a workout. Melon and honeydew serve as the perfect, smooth base for ripe, tart mango to start in the show. It’s the perfect summer flavor, or for long winter nights when you just want to chill and remember what summer was like.

Upon inhale the first thing you’ll notice is the smooth, silky texture from the infusion of honeydew and melon. It coats the mouth and goes down smooth, filling your lungs with a soft vapor. Not too long after it hits your throat you’ll notice the delightful notes of mango, like little sparks dancing on your tongue keeping the flavor always fresh, never overdone. The tropical flavors blend perfectly into a nuanced delight of sun-ripened island fruit that makes a new flavor all its own but still remain independent in your mouth, throat and nostrils. The mango flavor really hits on the exhale, offering a double-shot of enjoyment with this stellar vape juice. Forget about things getting dull or cloying, Gorilla Warfare Ejuice flavors are perfectly blended to keep your palate fresh and ready for more!

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  1. Mike Sherman (verified owner)

    Not too bad but not as good as the gorilla 556

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