Mr. Fog Switch 5500 Puffs Disposable


The Mr. Fog Switch 5500 Puffs Disposable offers a powerful, rechargeable integrated 650mAh battery with 15mL of pre-filled mouthwatering e-liquid for up to 5500 smooth, satisfying puffs.

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Meet your new favorite on-the-go Mr. Fog vape – the Mr. Fog Switch Disposable. This innovative piece combines a powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery with state-of-the-art mesh coil heating elements for smooth, delicious vapor and up to 5500 satisfying puffs.

Mr. Fog Switch 5500 Specs

  • E-Liquid: 15mL Pre-Filled Synthetic E-Liquid
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)
  • Battery: 650mAh Battery Type-C Rechargeable
  • Coil: Mesh Coil Heating Element
  • Firing Mechanism: Draw-Activated
  • Puff Count: Approximately 5500 Puffs
  • Flavors: 27


  • Banana Raspberry Ice: A cool mix of banana and raspberry flavors. If you like mixed fruit with an ice kick, you will love it.
  • Blue Raspberry Cherry Ice: Icy blend of blue raspberry and cherry. Perfect for those who enjoy a chilly berry mix.
  • Blue Raspberry Slushy: It tastes like a frozen blue raspberry drink. If slushy flavors are your favorite, you must try it.
  • Bubble Gang Sour Apple Berry: Sour apple and berry mix. If you prefer tangy and sweet together, you will love it.
  • Bubble Gang Watermelon Ice: Chilly watermelon flavor. Great for watermelon lovers who want a cold touch.
  • Bubble Gang Wild Strawberry Ice: Icy strawberry taste. Perfect for strawberry lovers looking for a cool flavor.
  • Cherry Hype: Strong cherry flavor. Ideal for anyone who loves the pure taste of cherries.
  • Green Apple Raspberry Watermelon Ice: Cool mix of green apple, raspberry, and watermelon. Great for people who enjoy a mix of popular fruit flavors.
  • Kiwi Watermelon Acai Ice: Icy blend of kiwi, watermelon, and acai. Perfect for those who like exotic fruit flavors.
  • Lemon Blueberry Raspberry Ice: Cool lemon, blueberry, and raspberry mix. It is ideal for those who like tart and sweet tastes.
  • Lemon Mango Pineapple Guava Ice: Tropical mix of mango, pineapple, and guava with an icy lemon touch. Great for those who love tropical flavors.
  • Lemon Rainbow Ice: Icy lemon with mixed fruit flavors. Perfect for people who enjoy a variety of tastes.
  • Lemon Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon Ice: Lemon flavor with strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon, all icy. It is ideal for those who like a fruity, sour, and frosty mix.
  • Magic Cotton Blueberry: Tastes like blueberry cotton candy. Good for anyone who loves candy flavors.
  • Magic Cotton Grape Ice: Grape cotton candy with a cool touch. Perfect for grape and candy flavor fans.
  • Menthol Mint Ice: Very cold mint flavor. Those who want a refreshing taste must try it.
  • Mr Pepper: Tastes like the spicy-sweet soda. If you like soda, you must try it.
  • Pineapple Blueberry Kiwi Ice: Cool mix of pineapple, blueberry, and kiwi. Perfect for those who like both tropical and berry flavors.
  • Pineapple Lemonade: Sweet pineapple mixed with tangy lemonade. Good for anyone who loves fruity drinks.
  • Pink Lemonade: Sweet and tart pink lemonade taste. It is perfect for those who enjoy refreshing drink flavors.
  • Rainbow Blast: Mix of many fruit flavors. It is great for people who need help deciding on just one flavor.
  • Rainbow SKT: Another mix of multiple fruits. Perfect for those who love a variety of fruity tastes.
  • Raspberry Sour Apple: Tangy raspberry and sour apple mix. Suitable for those who love tart flavors.
  • Red Berry: Sweet red berry flavor. It is ideal for those who like berry tastes.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi Ice: Cool strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi blend. Great for anyone who enjoys these fruits together.
  • Strawnana: Strawberry and banana mix. Perfect for those who love classic fruit combinations.
  • Watermelon Strawberry Apple Menthol Ice: Icy mix of watermelon, strawberry, and apple. You must try if you like watermelon and strawberry mixed with a little sour and ice.

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Banana Raspberry Ice, Blue Raspberry Cherry Ice, Blue Raspberry Slushy, Bubble Gang Sour Apple Berry, Bubble Gang Watermelon Ice, Bubble Gang Wild Strawberry Ice, Cherry Hype, Green Apple Raspberry Watermelon Ice, Kiwi Watermelon Acai Ice, Lemon Blueberry Raspberry Ice, Lemon Mango Pineapple Guava Ice, Lemon Rainbow Ice, Lemon Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon Ice, Magic Cotton Blueberry, Magic Cotton Grape Ice, Menthol Mint Ice, Mr Pepper, Pineapple Blueberry Kiwi Ice, Pineapple Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Blast, Rainbow SKT, Raspberry Sour Apple, Red Berry, Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi Ice, Strawnana, Watermelon Strawberry Apple Menthol Ice

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