Naked 100 Salt – MELON KIWI (Green Blast) 30mL


Naked 100 Salt – Green Blast 30mL is a fruity delight with a blend of honeydew melon, tangy Tart Granny Smith Green Apples and delicious Kiwi flavors, mixed to create a perfect e-juice.


A flavorsome offering from Black Out Vapors, the Naked 100 Salt is for those who love a fruity flavor to enhance their high. A blend of smooth and sweet honeydew melon with tangy and juicy Granny Smith Green Apples is a delight to savor your taste buds. When the punch of zesty kiwi is added to the concoction, it gives a whole new definition to the flavor of the e-Juice. This fruity blend of e-Juice is commonly known by the name Green Blast and is ideal to redefine how you feel high. As you inhale the e-juice, you feel a fruit blast in your mouth, granting your tongue a delight that is long lasting and flavorsome. Using this vape liquid, you can virtually reach a farmhouse from your childhood where you spent the best days of your life enjoying fresh melons, kiwis and Juicy Granny Smith Green Apples.

The Naked 100 Salt by Black Out Vapors is available in a handy pack of 30 ml. It is packed in a plastic bottle which is easy to use and comes with a cap that aids in enhanced safety. It also features a child-safe built cap and easy dropper function. This e-Juice can be used with a range of Vaping mod devices including ultra-low output atomizers or mods, or vape mod systems. However, our advisors at Black Out Vapors suggest that you must prohibit using the Juice with any device that has a lower sub-ohm resistance level.

If you are looking to experience the new way of vaping with a lot of fruity flavors, The Naked 100 Salt by Black Out Vapors is your ultimate choice. We offer The Naked 100 Salt with two Nicotine levels 35 mg and 50mg. So choose whatever you prefer and enjoy the nicotine with every exhale while you cherish the fruity flavor when inhaling the e-Juice.

Even if you aren’t a tobacco lover, the mild taste of Tobacco in this fruity delight will leave you wanting for more. Make the best of your vaping experience with our range of vaping e-juices and enjoy this recreational activity to the best.



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