Pachamama Salts – Starfruit Grape – 30mL


Tropical starfruit’s sour zing is smoothed out with sweet grapes for a fruity vaping experience that never gets boring. Pacha Mama Starfruit Grape is perfect any time.

Not intended for use with sub ohm systems.

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Sweet and sour come together for flavor that will have you hooked at first puff. Exotic tropical starfruit offers a tropical tang unlike anything you’ve tasted before. While it would please on its own, the addition of sweet grapes makes this some next level juice. The fruits work together to create the perfect combo of fruit flavors that keep each other in check and taste like nothing else.

Tropical Tang

If tart green apples and citrus hooked up and had a baby, it would be starfruit. This tropical treat, with the delightful shape, is acidic and sour. Delish. But sour can get a bit much after a while, numbing the taste buds and limiting flavor. That’s where the sweet table grapes in this Pacha Mama vape juice come in, balancing the tart, acidic flavors and keeping your taste experience fresh and your taste buds ready for more.

You’ll crave the acidic hit of sour starfruit that wakes you up as soon as you take a pull but quickly makes room for the sweet flavor of table grapes. Your tongue will feel awash in sweetness and once you exhale you’ll be ready for more. This flavor never gets old.

Perfect for when you want something fruity but complex, you’ll quickly be referring to this combo of starfruit and grape your favorite salt nics flavor.

Flavor and Texture Profile

Sassy but sweet, the tropical starfruit in this duo takes the stage right up front. It doesn’t pull punches but you’ll know you’ve taken a hit of it as soon as you do. The acidity is a great pick-me-up and feels light and bright on the tongue. Your tastebuds will stand at attention from the zing.

On the inhale you’ll notice a quick smoothing out with sweet, heavier notes from the grape. Sweet and sour is a favorite for a reason! The exhale is fruity and smooth and leaves a delightful cloud.

Pacha Mama Starfruit Grape Nicotine Salt Specs

  • 30 mL bottle
  • choose 25 or 50 mg strength
  • VG/PG Ratio of 50/50
  • Unicorn Bottle

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