Phun Ultra 6000 Disposable

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The Phun Ultra 6000 Disposable vape features 14mL of e-liquid in 15+ mouthwatering flavors, a 500mAh pre-charged battery and an innovative mesh coil heating element for up to 6000 smooth, satisfying puffs.

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Discover the perfect Phun vape to add to your collection – the Phun Ultra 6000 Disposable vape. This portable device features a uniquely colorful, eye-catching design with an amazing 14mL of pre-filled synthetic e-liquid in a wide variety of mouthwatering flavors. A powerful pre-charged 500mAh battery and innovative mesh coil heating element make this device the perfect carry-with-you-anywhere piece for when you need a quick flavorful cloud to keep you going.

Phun Ultra 6000 Disposable Specs

14mL Pre-Filled Synthetic E-Liquid

5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength


500mAh Battery

Mesh Coil Heating Element

Type-C USB Port

Approximately 6000 Puffs


Clear: A smooth and satisfying option that’s free of any flavor.

Cool Mint: A sharp blast of frosty, eye-opening mint.

Energy Boost: A tangy flavor reminiscent of your favorite energy drink.

LA Summer Icy: A fruity blend of summery fruits accented by a punch of icy menthol.

Lush Ice: A smooth, satisfying blend topped with frosty menthol.

Passion Kiwi: A tropical blend of fresh kiwis and juicy passion fruit.

Peach Lemon: A tangy twist of sour lemons and sweet peaches.

Peach Orange: A refreshing mixture of juicy peaches and tangy oranges.

Peach Raspberry Ice: A fresh, fruity concoction of sweet peaches and raspberries with a touch of icy menthol.

Sea Salt Lemon: A uniquely flavorful combination of tangy lemons topped with savory sea salt.

Sour Apple: Fresh Granny Smith apples with a smooth exhale.

Strawberry Mango: A sugary sweet blend of fruity strawberries and tangy mangoes.

Strawberry Watermelon: Sweet, sugary strawberries blended with crisp, crunchy watermelon.

Super Tobacco: A savory, rich blend of earthy tobacco that will leave your mouth watering.

White Gummy: A new twist on your favorite fruity gummy candies.

White Peach Raspberry: Freshly picked white peaches accented with tangy, juicy raspberries.

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Clear, Energy Boost, Lush Ice, Passion Kiwi, Peach Lemon, Peach Orange, Peach Raspberry Ice, Sour Apple, Strawberry Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, Super Tobacco, White Gummy, White Peach Raspberry



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  1. Chelsea Gardas (verified owner)

    I love the peach raspberry ice. Super smooth. Love the design and overall feel. Will be buying more!

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