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Shaka by Yami Vapor is a tantalizing mango and mangosteen flavored e-liquid, blending exquisite and flavorful tropical fruits together. Shaka by Yami Vapor is presented in an ultra-premium packaging.

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If you like to use vaping as a stress-buster from the grind of everyday life, Shaka from Yami Vapor is the perfect choice of flavors for you. Take a draw and you’re instantly transported to the sunny climes of a tropical beach where the tranquility is only broken by the singing of birds. While you’ve tried mango e-juices from other brands, trust Yami to add a hint of the unusual to the humble mango. Yami Vapor Shaka has more than just the familiar tastes of mango, it has purple mangosteen in just the right balances with neither overpowering the other.

Each whiff you take bathes your senses in the sweet tastes of golden ripe slices of the king of fruits blending with the tanginess of mangosteen. What makes this entire blend of nicotine e-juice so interesting is that it is almost hard to identify mangosteen. Don’t be surprised if your taste buds struggle to distinguish between plums, kiwis, and similar fruits. Vaping enthusiasts who swear by fruit flavors can’t seem to get enough of this unique taste from Yami. You might just find yourself searching around your supermarket aisles for this delicious fruit. Even if you aren’t really fond of fruits, Yami Vapor Shaka has the potential to change your mind.

You’ll receive Shaka by Yami in a Chubby Gorilla bottle with 100ml of e-liquid. The bottle is designed for easy and spill-proof loading into whatever vape mod you prefer to use. Choose from a selection with nicotine contents of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. If you’re opting to vape to kick the conventional smoking habit, this flavor is perfect for making the transition. Shaka has a perfectly balanced ratio of Vegetable Glycerin of 70% as against Propylene Glycol of 30%. This combination makes it ideal for use with any sub-ohm devices and coils that you like using.

Aside from the incredible taste, Shaka e-juice satiates your cravings for nicotine with just a few draws. That’s possibly the reason why a single bottle lasts you a good long while. Of course, fans of Yami Vapor Shaka like to order this flavor in advance and stock up just in case they might run out. If this is you, go ahead and place an order for your supply at Blackout Vapors. It’s one of the fastest-running flavors from Yami Vape, close behind Gorudo. Click on the Add to Cart button and we’ll ship your order as soon as we can.


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