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Things to Consider When Trying to Determine if Your Hyde Rechargeable Vape Pen is Empty?

Hyde Rechargeable Vape Pen

For anyone who is a regular user of the Hyde Vape knows the frustration that an empty pen can bring. Trying to determine whether or not a vape pen is close to empty can sometimes be a challenge, unless you know how many puffs you may be from needing to purchase a new disposable vape pen.

Disposable Vapes Are Meant to Be Replaced

There are several factors that will help you figure out how close your Hyde Rechargeable is to needing to be replaced. You’ll know that you’re near the end when:

  1. The taste of the vape juice changes
  2. The amount of vapor isn’t as significant as it was before
  3. The vape juice has a charred taste to it
  4. You can no longer smell the usual smells coming out of your vape device, or when your vape device turns on, but no taste is detectible, and no smell is apparent.

But When is Replacing Necessary?

You’re Hyde vape may show any one of these signs that will signal the need for a new one, or there may be multiple factors occurring at the same time. Let’s look at each of these more closely, and where to buy Hyde vape, so you will never find yourself caught on empty with your Hyde Rechargeable vape.

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Hyde Edge Rave

You’re Close to Empty if the Taste of Your Vape Juice Changes

Perhaps one of the most telling signals that your Hyde vape is almost empty is when the flavor of your vape juice changes from how it normally tastes.

For anyone who is a vape fan, this first sign is pretty obvious.

Hyde Rechargeable Vapes Come in Some Great Flavors

Hydes have some very distinctive flavors, and the taste is easy to identify. For example, if you are a big fan of the pina colada flavor, or are partial to the pineapple one, you’ll immediately be able to tell when the flavor isn’t satisfying anymore.

Those who prefer raspberry watermelon will also notice when the taste has changed from fruity and satisfying, to something that leaves a nasty taste in their mouth.

As soon as the taste that you are used to is no longer part of the after-effect during your vaping experience, it’s time to consider where to purchase a new vape pen.

You’re Close to Empty if the Amount of Vapor Isn’t as Significant as It Was Before

Another easy way to tell that your vape use from this particular vape pen is almost over is by the amount of vapor that the pen is emitting when you puff on it.

Each vape pen has a puff count that is predetermined by the manufacturer. Most of us can’t keep track of each puff count, but we have an idea of the number of puffs we have left, since most of us know approximately how long our disposable vape pen should last us, depending on our daily use.

Your Puff Count Will Depend on Which Disposable Vape Pen You Purchase

But, if you’ve lost count of your puff count, you can usually tell you are close to empty by looking at how much vapor is coming out of your vape pen when you exhale.

Each vape pen’s e liquid gives off different amounts of a vapor cloud, but if you know your Hyde vape pen well, you’ll know how much vapor it should be emitting.

When that amount of vapor cloud becomes significantly less, you’ll want to replace it with a new one.

You’re Close to Empty When Your Vape Juice Has a Charred Taste to It

One of the least appealing part of vaping for anyone who enjoys it is when you take a hit and get a nasty taste in your mouth. That charred taste is synonymous with your vape pen being close to empty.

There are different parts of vaping that bring enjoyment to vape users, and one of the most obvious ones is the taste.

There’s a Vape Juice Flavor for Everyone

Hydes come in a variety of styles and flavors and not everyone is going to enjoy the same experience as the next person.

For example, two of the most popular flavors available with the Hyde Edge Recharge are the pina colada and the blue razz flavors. Both are some of the favorites for these disposable vapes and are often some of the first flavors ordered when new customers are anxious to try the Hyde Edge Recharge pen.

So, it makes sense that when the coconut-flavor of the pina colada, or the sweet taste of the blue razz not only changes but turns into a bitter, nasty taste, the experience isn’t going to be satisfying anymore.

When your favorite flavor is no longer filling your mouth, go ahead and change your vape pen out for a new one.

You’re Close to Empty When You Can No Longer Smell the Usual Smells Coming Out of Your Vape Device

This one is similar to the change in flavor, but here’s where you nose gets to weigh in.
Just like with the flavor, most vape users have become accustomed to a particular smell that their chosen vape juice gives off.

The Smell of Our Vape Juice Can Be Just as Satisfying as the Taste

We all know that taste and smell are closely related and a truly enjoyable experience happens when both senses are enacted. Whether it’s food, drink or a vape pen, most of our experiences are heightened when our sense of taste and our sense of smell are involved.

And No Smell Can Be Just as Unsatisfying…

If you are no longer smelling the usual smells coming out of your vape pen, there’s a good chance it is close to empty.

Hyde’s disposable pens all come with e liquid inside of their chamber that has been created with distinct flavor and smell in mind.

The Hyde Rebel Recharge is a Fan Favorite

The Hyde Rebel Recharge is a popular vape pen, in large part because of its high puff count and strong battery power.

Often, the Hyde Rebel blue razz flavor sells quickly, in part due to its distinctive smell.

Customers of the Hyde Rebel Recharge know that when that smell is not satisfying anymore, it’s time to buy a new Hyde Rebel.

Hyde Rebel Recharge

hyde rechargeable vape

Hyde Edge Recharge

The Hyde Edge Recharge is a Fan Favorite, Too!

Another customer favorite when it comes to smell is the Hyde Edge Recharge peach mango watermelon flavor. Again, peach mango watermelon won’t be just the taste that lets you know it’s almost empty. The distinctive smell of this Hyde vape will also let you know it’s time to change it out for a new one.

Let your nose help you know when your disposable vape pen is ready to be replaced with a new one.

You’re Close to Empty When Your Vape Device Turns On, But No Taste is Detected or Smell is Apparent

Finally, the sure sign that your Hyde vape is empty is when you turn it on and nothing comes out, taste-wise or smell-wise.

Anyone who has been in this situation knows what I’m talking about. You go to take a puff and…nothing. You look down at the pen…everything seems to be in working order.

You take another puff…still nothing.

Look For the Blue Light!

Each of the Hyde vape products has a blue light installed that will always let you know that your vape pen is in on, and ready to be used.

That means that if the blue light is on, and you don’t taste anything when you take a puff, and you don’t smell anything coming from your pen, then there’s a good chance your vape is empty.

Still No Luck? Try This Vape Pen Trick

You can also try cupping your hands around the vape pen’s cartridge.

As the vape pen heats up, the e liquid inside will warm, which then allows it to be inhaled as you draw off the pen. If the blue light is lit, but you aren’t able to get a hit of the pen, try wrapping your hands around the outside of the cartridge and determine if it’s warm or not.

You’ll Know Your Vape Pen is Working When…

If it’s emitting heat, then you are most likely out of vape juice and your vape pen needs to be replaced.

On the other hand, if there is no heat coming from the outer shell of the vape pen, then there may be another issue at hand than simply the vape pen being out of e liquid.

In a case such as this one, you may want to check your battery charge and see if you could potentially have a dead battery instead of an empty vape pen.

What If My Hyde Vape Isn’t Empty, But the Battery is Dead?

If any of the above issues are going on with your Hyde vape pen, but you are certain that it’s not empty, there could be another factor at play.

Your battery may just need a recharge. Most disposable vape pens will need to be recharged regularly in order to continue to operate effectively.

If your battery is malfunctioning, this could also cause your vape juice to taste different, smell different and even make it so that there is tasteless vapor emitting from your pen.

How Does Battery Life Affect My Vape Experience?

Vaping devices such as the Hyde Rebel or the Hyde Edge need to be recharged occasionally in order to work properly. Though a dead battery will not allow the pen to work at all, a battery that is close to dead may still allow the pen to operate, but just not as effective as it should or could.

Should I Recharge My Vape Pen Before Checking to See if It’s Empty?

To ensure that your vape pen’s battery isn’t the reason you are experiencing a bad taste, foul odor or lack of vapor when you puff on your pen, you may want to start try recharging the battery and see if that is the problem.

How Often Should I Charge the Batteries on My Hyde Vape Pen?

How often you charge the battery on your Hyde Vape pen will have a lot to do with how often you use it.

Some people find that their disposable vape pen can hold a charge for up to a week. These users are probably only hitting their pen sporadically, though.

Others may find that they charge batteries every day. These are frequent users and tend to use their vape pen throughout the entire day.

Hyde Vape Pens Are Made to Have Long-Lasting and Consistent Battery Power

Most Hyde Vape pen users will probably find that they charge their vape pen anywhere from every two days to every four days.

Since all of the Hyde, vape pen products are made to be portable and user-friendly, and their battery life holds longer than many of the competitors.

So, you shouldn’t need to be constantly looking for wall units to keep your vape pen running at its peak.

Sometimes your vape pen may have been manufactured with a faulty battery and you’ll need to consider switching it out altogether. Though this is an extremely rare occurrence, it can happen. In a case like this, the manufacturer will work with you to make sure that you’re a satisfied customer.

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Hyde Mag Disposable Vape

Hyde Mag

What Do I Do With An Empty Vape Pen?

Unfortunately, we have not yet figured out a way to recycle disposable vape pen cartridges, though some companies are already working hard to find a way to do so.

In the meantime, there are a couple things you can do when getting rid of disposable vape pens in some safe and effective ways:

First, Make Sure They are Completely Empty

When disposing of your empty vape pen, the first thing to do is to make sure you’ve used all the vape liquid inside before you throw it out.

Disposable vape pens are not cheap, and no one wants to waste a good product, right?

Making sure that your pen is truly empty will ensure you are not wasting money or throwing unnecessary chemicals into a landfill that could potentially harm the environment.

Second, Take Your Time Before You Toss

It’s often believed that it’s better to throw out your disposable vape pens as a collected bunch than toss them one by one.

By throwing away your disposable pens all at once, you can make sure to bag them appropriately and put them all into one garbage bin at the same time. You may even want to put them into their own container before you put them in with other items you are going to throw away.

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