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Where Did the Taste Go? Why Your Hyde Vape Pen May Taste Burnt and How to Fix It

Have you ever tried to take a hit off your Hyde vape pen, only to realize the taste is not what you were expecting?

In fact, the vape taste is downright terrible!

Are you used to vape juice that tastes sweet or minty and now you’re experiencing a nasty taste in your mouth?

If your vape tastes burnt, you’re not alone.

Most of us – at one point or another – will experience a burnt taste when we are trying to enjoy our vape devices.

And – though the burnt flavor is unpleasant – there are some common reasons this might be happening and some easy solutions to the problem.

Why Does My Hyde Taste Burnt?

All vape tanks will run out at some point, 
whether your vape pen is a disposable or a refillable one.

If you have a Hyde Disposable Vape pen, you will sometimes notice a slightly burnt taste when your vape tank is almost out of e juice.

It’s Harder for Coil Heads to Heat Properly When There is Less E Liquid Inside

This is because the vape cartridge is almost empty and the little bit of e juice that remains is burning at a higher intensity as it passes over the coil heads and heats up.

Since there is significantly less vape oil to heat, the vape coils are going to be concentrated on that tiny bit of liquid and thus deliver a flavor that may make your vape taste slightly off, and even maybe cause you to think you’re taking a burnt hit of a different e liquid than what you thought you had originally bought.

Your taste buds aren’t fooling you.

Sometimes when you have an empty tank, you’ll experience a dry hit and won’t taste any e liquid at all. 

Other times you’ll get that nasty burning taste that lets you know that it’s time to throw out your disposable vape pen and replace it with a new one.

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Hyde Mag Disposable Vape

Hyde Disposable Mag

But what if my Hyde vape pen isn’t empty, and I’m still getting that nasty taste in my mouth?

It can be really disappointing when that tasty soothing vapor you’re used to is replaced by a burnt taste…especially when you know your pen isn’t close to empty.

Maybe you just purchased this disposable vape pen, or you just refilled the vape tank and know it’s not possible that you have an almost empty tank.

There are some common reasons your vape tastes burnt.

If your vape taste burnt and you know the tank isn’t close to empty, then there are some other reasons you may be getting a burnt hit, such as a malfunctioning coil head, a low battery in your vape pen, or maybe even bad liquid inside the vape pen itself.

Luckily, all these potential problems are very easy to fix.

Let’s look at how you can get rid of that nasty taste and get back to enjoying your vaping experience.

Here Are the Some Reasons Your
Hyde Vape Pen Might Taste Burnt:

    • Remember, the first thing you should do is make sure your vape tank isn’t almost empty.

    This is usually the biggest reason your vape juice won’t taste good.

    But – if you are positive that the vape tank has plenty of e liquid left, let’s move forward and look at some of the other reasons you are getting a burnt vape taste when you inhale.

Your Hyde Vape Pen May Have a Malfunctioning Coil Head

  • Once you’re sure that your vape pen still has vape juice inside, the next most common reason for your vape pen to be giving you a burnt taste is that the coil head inside the pan may be malfunctioning.
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How Does a Coil Head Go Bad?

    • The coil head is the most important part of your disposable vape atomizer. Without a properly functioning coil head, your vape pen will either quit working or cause your e liquid to burn at an inappropriate temperature and start producing a taste that isn’t normal.

“A burnt flavor probably means a bad vape coil.”

  • A vape atomizer can’t do its job of heating your e liquid if the coil head isn’t working.

    It can also result in your e liquid overheating if the coil head is burning at a higher rate than usual.

    In order to figure out if your burnt hits are because of a bad coil, you’ll need carefully inspect the coil head and see if you can see any gunk or damage lingering inside of it.

Does the vape coil feel unusually hot? Or, like it’s not heating at all?

  • Put your hands around the area of your vape pen where the vape coil sits. Does that area feel hotter than normal?

    Or, does it not feel hot at all?

    If either of these two things are the case, you may need to return your vape pen to the place you purchased it.

It is never recommended to disassemble a disposable vape pen, so you’ll need to try and return it instead of attempt to repair it.

  • You may also be able to ask for a refund, since this may be a manufacturing defect and not your fault.

Cleaning your vape coil is another option.

Another option may be to try cleaning the vape coil and see if that does the trick.

Vape pens that are used frequently can build up residue that may lead to the vape pen not burning properly.

Remember, it is not a good idea to disassemble a disposable vape pen. So, in order to clean the vape coil, you’ll have to do it while it’s still a part of the vape tank.

  • Start by soaking your pen in some warm water, vinegar or alcohol.
  • After it’s soaked for a while, go ahead and rinse it gently in warm or even distilled water.
  • Once the vape pen is almost dry, gently blow into the vape tank, seeing if you can blow out any remaining residue.
  • Let your vape pen dry fully and then try it again.

If the issue was with your coil head, you should no longer get a burnt vape taste when you inhale and can go back to enjoying your vaping like normal.

Your Hyde Vape Pen May Have a Low Battery

  • Another common reason why your Hyde vape pen is emitting a burnt taste could be because of your battery.

    All Hyde vape pens have an interior battery that allows the heating element to begin working when the pen is turned on.

    When you begin vaping, that battery begins working and allows the vape pen to function properly.

As Your Battery Loses Juice, It Might Change the Taste of Your E Juice as Well!

  • We know from past experience that a low battery inside any device can cause it to start functioning differently.

    Think about your iPhone for example. When the battery gets low, some functions may slow down, not work as well, or stop working altogether.

It’s the same with a vape pen.

If the battery in your vape pen is beginning to die, you may experience a nasty burning taste coming out of your pen, or a change in the vapor production from your e liquid.

This is often a quick-fix problem. Recharging your disposable vape pen for a few minutes may change the flavor back to what you were enjoying before.

Not all vapes are the same, so follow the instructions on your vape pen’s packaging to know how to charge a Hyde vape, including how long your pen needs to be plugged in before it can be fully charged and operational.

For a long lasting battery here is Hyde Rebel Pro Recharge

Hyde Rebel Pro Recharge

Your Hyde Vape Pen May Have Bad Liquid Inside the Vape Chamber

Finally, if you’ve tried to clean the coil head and have fully charged the battery and there is still a burnt taste coming from your pen, the problem may be with the e liquid itself.

E liquid is made from various added flavors, many of which we enjoy. Some of the other ingredients in all e liquid flavors are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

Bad Propylene Glycol Can Be the Reason for Your Vape Pen’s Burnt Taste

Though propylene glycol is an odorless, almost tasteless liquid, it is the base for all vaping devices, and – when combined with vegetable glycerin and added flavors, gives vapors the vape hit they desire.

But, like with any chemical compound, a batch of propylene glycol can expire and end up causing the liquid it helped create to leave a burnt taste when a customer goes to take a hit off their vape pen.

Part of why we enjoy vaping is to curb nicotine cravings and part of it is for the flavor.

Hyde N-Bar Mini

If Your Vaping Experience is Not Enjoyable, Let the Manufacturer Know

So, if you think that bad e liquid might be the reason your vaping is now leaving a burnt taste in your mouth, it’s worth returning your vape pen to the place where you bought it and explaining the situation.

If the e juice is at fault for the burnt taste, many vape shops or vaping manufacturers will remedy the problem by replacing your pen for free.

For an unforgettable experience and unlimited flavour

Will The Vape Shop Replace My Vape Pen?

Just like a grocery store that sells you a carton of expired milk, most vape businesses know that there is going to occasionally be a time when one of their products is not up to par and may need to be replaced with one that is working properly.

In very rare cases, a manufacturer may release a case of vape pens that have been produced in a contaminated environment or with liquids that have recently expired.

In either case, there is no reason you shouldn’t return the product and ask for a refund or a replacement pen when you are getting nothing more than a burnt taste from your pen.

Don’t Keep Vaping if Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Though it most likely won’t cause you any damage, you are best off not continuing to vape from a vape pen that is malfunctioning or the e juice is giving off a strange smell or burnt taste.

Though it most likely won’t cause you any damage, you are best off not continuing to vape from a vape pen that is malfunctioning or the e juice is giving off a strange smell or burnt taste.

No vape shop owner is going to want their customers to experience a burnt taste when vaping with their product.

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